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It's applying this nationwide contest that's check to 202 100. So let me tell you, I got Bob Weir. Right. My guy, Bobby Z. He is absolutely incredible. The guy's a genius. I don't say that lightly, and now he can share his genius with you see every single year. Bob Zach Mayer does his conference and it's a huge success. It always is people, but it's not just for Tucson people fly in from around the country to come to Bob's annual conference where he shares Ah, well, howto make mailbox money right looking for a better place to invest your money because banks pay next to nothing. Stock market up down. Who knows this? That and everything. Maybe you're sick and tired of being a landlord. Bob can explain to you how explained to me. How to make mailbox. Money Doesn't every year people pay almost $1000 in airline tickets, hotel registration to go to Bob's conference? It's gonna be October 23rd and 24th right here in Tucson. But since you're in twos on and you're a canister listener, you on ly have to write a $100 check to the foundation. And you're in for the today conference. By the way, all proceeds from people in Tucson and around the country that paid to come see Bob and learn how to make mailbox money. 100% of the proceeds go to make a wish Bob has done it for 12 years. I believe he has raised over a half million dollars. In those, and I think it probably did more than that in the years. So if you want the insight on what industries are thriving and dying in the China virus environment Ginnie Bob's two day event right here in twos on October 23rd 24th,

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