Chicago Bears on Alert for Revenge Game From Panthers' ‘damn Beast' Mike Davis


Be dealing with an X on Sunday in Carolina, Mike Davis has come in and taken full advantage of his opportunity. We know know that he was here, there's going to be extra motivation there like he needs it. I mean, he's a damn beast second lead. They were on their team don't have screens handing the ball off. We've got to take on blocks. We gotta get off blocks. We got a swarm this guy We gotta tackle. We talked like we did last week. You'll have a 200 yards on us, like Davis signed a two year deal with the Bears before last season, but ended up getting cut by the Bears in the middle of the year and scooped up by the Panthers, where he is thriving these days in the absence of running back Christian McCaffrey bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano also told us that Khalil Mack was great last week against Tampa Bay, but that he's going to have to be great again. And this week against the Panthers. Cherokee McManus was back and practice for the Bears, Mark

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