Biden warns of 'dark winter' during pandemic


Joe Biden is emphasizing what he said during last night's final debate that a dark winter ahead and a pandemic that shows no sign of slowing down, and he says the president is ignoring us all him refuse to take responsibility for the crisis that should have been met with real presidential leadership. Standard cost hundreds of thousands America's lives in pushed millions in poverty president. Trump says, he does take responsibility but believes he saved lives and he continues to push for economic relief in the treasury chiefs talks with House. Speaker. Nancy Pelosi. Get the money I. Don't think she wants to people to get the money before the election I. Don't think that's a good point for her. But we want the people to get my it wasn't their fault it was China's fall. Pelosi, says, it's up to the president to act as Senate Republicans resist higher spending, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says, Pelosi needs to

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