TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Specifications And Features



Bought stuff from them before as well. Now, speaking to buying stuff. Justin a couple ago on the show was involved in a kickstarter program for the tick watch and you know it was kind of interesting to hear how you were. You were buying into this this technology and when they finally got to production, you get one and you got one we're pretty happy with it. Yeah. Yeah. So the tick watches a, it's a smart watch. It's it's it's GonNa take it was designed to really take on the Apple Watch. I think actually at the time they did it I don't think he even the Apple Watch. No, it was. It was out there. But yeah. So the first take watch came out it was okay. It was it was it did what it did, but it was slow. It was clunky was big. Then they came out with the tick watch to came out tick watch pro and the tick watch pro to, and so they've been successful as a company. They're still releasing new products and they're not doing kickstarter anymore they're full-fledged company now. They just recently announced the new tick watch pro three. GPS. When I heard about this, this would be my third watch that I purchased from them because I did purchase the tick watch to again it was a little bit clunky. But I did decide to go ahead and purchase the tick watch pro three GPS model. This one by far is going to be the best watch they've ever released because I've. I've already read the reviews on it from people that have gotten advanced models. This is the first watch on the market regardless of who makes it it's the first smartwatch on the market to use the new qualcomm snapdragon wear forty, one, hundred processor. This thing is lightning fast. It also has a seventy two hour active battery or a two week. To two week standby battery on the LCD screen. So you've got a great extended battery because mine right now, I can barely get twenty four hours out of it and I've got to charge it. You also have a lot more. Health and fitness tracking features. They do also come with some things like take calm or. I should say so if you're feeling stressed, you just hit the tick Zenit helps you calm down. Eve also. got like tick, tick a tick oxygen or something like that. Basically, it tells you your oxygen level fitness tracking things like that does run where a West however, they've taken their the WAIROA estimated their own. You can still run where OS APPS on it. So if I want to get Google messages but I want to get out look if I want to other things like that I can put that on my watch, but I also can use the tick watch features. And also it is faster like I said, and it's also sleeker. It's smaller it's thinner and it's more lightweight. So this goes for two ninety nine. And I did get it with a discount if you go to mob Voi-, Dot Com M., O. B.. Dot Com voi- dot Com. That's the maker of the tick watch. You can go there. You can get it if you're new user like if you never bought a Dick locher before fifteen percent off and also if you use the add onto chrome called honey now we've talked about honey in the past right honey is a an add on that tries all these extra coupon codes. If you use honey, you can also get an extra fifteen dollars off. So out the DOOR A. To nine thousand, nine watch after shipping and everything came to to fifty nine for me. That's not bad. Now, what if you're an apple user? Can you still tie this into your operating system and no actually you can't it's either going to be. You have to have an apple watch with an apple product you're going to have to have an android phone with watch I mean just one of the other, just the same as you can't have an apple watch paired with an android. But. I want to mention just a couple of numbers real quick hundred and fifty percent GP increase since the last model eighty-five CPU, and memory eighty-five percent CPU and memory increase and a twenty five percent power save over the previous model. So if you're into smart watches and you don't necessarily want to get the Samsung Galaxy, watch which I think is going for three ninety nine. Checkout Tick Watch T. I see watch and you can get a mob Voi- dot Com I don't think I'm pronouncing that right but it's.

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