Dual Sleep And Why It's Good For You


Already instead of start things off we have follow up something that we said we would get back to you last time which I feel like every time we do that we We don't always get back to it, but we're getting back to it. So yeah, emily had asked us about her shift work weight loss intermittent fasting 's like crazy sleep schedule where she would sleep from ten PM to two. AM Do a paper out from two to four am and then sleep from four to seven am. which was very crazy sleep schedule. We talked about the like fascinating. was. It made Victorian people I think in general just being like the I've just read articles that indicated. That's how they live like medieval times or I don't know that was the natural way to be yes. They would like go to sleep and then like wake up and then go to sleep. So I asked the residence sleep expert Dr Cur- personally who I've had on the melon avalon biohacking podcast linked to that in the show notes the I asked him about it and obviously knew everything about it. He said it was called dual sleep and it occurred roughly twenty two longitudinal above or below the equator and it was because nights were ten to twelve hours at night. And the people would sleep into have the night and they would like wake up in the middle to do activities and hang out while the kids were still asleep. So that's different than like today where we're always sleeping, you know we're lucky for sleeping eight hours and the reason I'm bringing this up is because I think we were contemplating that really oh so maybe this is like a good thing. It's not an ideal situation that situation would be if you were sleeping like if it was like a twelve hour night and you're waking up in the middle so. I think our originally answer still stands about that schedule because they slept from dark too dark, right? That was the difference those people were sleeping from dark too dark and that was too much sleep. Yeah. Probably today would wake up in the middle and then had their second half of the that makes sense but you know what my body is still tuned. To that I swear I could live that way because as soon as it starts to get dark I wanna go to bed I don't care if that's nine thirty at night or five thirty at night. If it's dark I WANNA get into bed I probably should start just doing that. Go to bed wake up in the middle of the night get up. To do some stuff, go back to bed I bet I think that might be my natural. Goes might be my natural way of being I might. Sylvia. Wake in that time when you wake up because you go to bed so like when does it get dark? You would go to bed at like. Five o'clock if it's the wintertime. Okay. See Sleep from like five to like eleven. Oh, and then you wake up and then we could hang out. And then had my second night's sleep and we could both back to same. I swear I would probably feel great doing that we could do the podcast in. I'd have to have an earlier window I'd have to shift it. So, yeah. Coming from Jen's by phase sleep. In my normal sleep and my normally. That's so funny. The APP asleep is huge. I will do a quick plug for Dr Percy's sleep remedy. have an unflavored version of it that is fast friendly, and basically has all of the substrates that your brain naturally needs to fall asleep. So it's not like a pharmaceutical doesn't knock you out or you know affect your sleep quality just makes your brain naturally fall asleep. So being you can get it for ten percent off at sleep remedy dot com slash Melanie Avalon, and the version of it that I have is a capsule. It's a capsule. They have drinks as well. So you can get it for ten percent off at Melanie avalon dot com slash sleep remedy with the coupon, Melanie Avalon and the they do have the drinks while they're coming out with a kids formulation soon so That's pretty exciting but YEP sleep sleep is super important. I feel like I keep reading everywhere that. Out of everything honestly diet lifestyle exercise sleep asleep is lake probably the most important I mean it's hard to say once more important than the other but sleep is so k. like fasting is good for us because it's healing sleep is where are our brains are healing? Right? Not Sleeping it's like eating all the time. As far as like the effects it has yeah

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