Passenger in Offset's car arrested for concealed weapon


Dirty story over the weekend to offset detained by police while driving through a trump rally in beverly hills. This was Saturday afternoon. He actually took out his phone in recorded himself being pulled over share the video instagram alive he refused to step out of a car while being questioned by cops one of whom had a weapon drawn and I'm GonNa play his video in just a second the officer started off by telling offset. There had been a report that he was weaving guns at people as he drove through the area looking at me like that Bro. Medina turned. Telling you. Do it, but you got so Gaza. I I'm not I stayed with. Her driver I'm giving you more take your right hand turn off the I'm not doing no orders. You got guys outpointing. Turn Journal. On. Asking you to do I'm not gonNA WANNA because you've got guys. That's my choice nothing to move my half of my world this. Guys were wait somebody was told that I'm celebrity I offset from the Migos they bears that's why they following me. WHY WE'RE HERE Waving. The flag. What are you talking about? told me to my hair's up I'm not doing that you put my hands on twenty five thousand people. Public. Movement. Reiterate offset. said that trump supporters had his car with the flag pretty be was when this all went down and for the record, it was actually Cardi's cousin Marcello. Who is waving guns at people he ultimately was arrested. The cousin has now been charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm and public. So he is being held on like thirty five thousand dollars moments before this happened on Cardi's instagram live. Videotaping some of the people that were in that. Trump rally to the time, but she was not in the same car with him.

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