Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court.


The US Senate has confirmed. Amy Kuney. Barrett to the supreme. Court. Delivering Donald trump a huge but partisan victory just eight days before the election and locking in right-wing domination of the nation's highest court for years to come. The vote was a formality with senators divided almost entirely along party lines. It still marked a seismic moment for trump for the supreme court and for American democracy. For the president, meant his legacy on judicial appointees secure whatever the outcome of next week's election. Trump will have placed three conservative justices on the court albeit in highly contentious circumstances. For the Supreme Court, it sealed an unassailable six to three balance between conservatives and liberal justices. The oldest of those conservatives Clarence Thomas is seventy two and still has potentially many more years to serve within his lifetime appointment for us democracy. The confirmation gives the conservative justices, the opera hand on such hot button issues, abortion, same sex marriage, and the climate. Crisis Areas where public opinion is firmly in favour of progressive change the confirmation will leave a residue of bitter partisan ranko given the Republican rush to push Barrett. Through days before the election the closest confirmation to a presidential election in US history having refused for years ago to countenance Barack Obama's pick for the Supreme Court on grounds that the people should decide.

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