White House, El Paso County And CBS discussed on Midday News


And number three. They're planning a party tonight at the White House, Amy Cockney Barrett is expected to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, and we expect that will happen this evening. It's 11 46 right now in the White House, says the vice president tested negative again this morning for Corona virus. He's supposed to campaign today in Minnesota under his status as an essential worker. He's back out. CBS's We Zhang has more of the White House. CDC guidelines say those people can continue working as long as they are asymptomatic and take precautions. But critics say campaigning is not an essential duty. Pence is aiming to hit a half dozen battleground states this week. President Trump in Allentown, Pennsylvania, right now. El Paso is back on lock down. CBS's David Begnaud says. The border City accounts for 20% of all the corona virus cases in the state of Texas to get control of the outbreak. County officials have issued a stay at home order. And a nightly curfew. The only people who were exempt are those goingto work. Corona virus cases are rising in 44 states. No states are seeing declines. And in the last two weeks, half of all the U. S States have set single day records for new cases. David Beg. No, they're El Paso County reported at 1443 new cases today, and that is a record high. The power is out across a swath of Northern California. PG and E is pulling the plug, fearing the dry, windy conditions that are kicking up today that could spark even Mohr wildfire. Once Noma County resident and Tubbs fire survivor told us that he's ready for the worst. His house in Fountain Grove was destroyed in that 2017 fired the tubs. He has since relocated to the Oak want neighborhood of Santa Rosa, which got hit by the glass fire last month, but missed his house this morning. Oakmont is in the dark. Well, I'll evacuate

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