COVID-19 cases to skyrocket this holiday season


Rising concerns for covert 19 cases locally and nationwide. Connecticut's number of people in the hospital top 2000 yesterday highest since mid May in New York, the state had almost 8200 new cases Thursday High since late April. New Jersey reported 4100 new cases nationwide. Vibrance cases surge in the U. S. Health officials continue to be concerned that people will relax their social distancing over the winter break. The number of Americans who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus past 13 million and according to Johns Hopkins University, the country is averaging more than 1650 deaths per day. Experts warn that testing numbers were likely to be a radical over the next week or so due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The grim news has been rolling in from around the country in Wisconsin, the federal Government reported that 294 nursing home residents had died of the disease between October 12th and November 8th more than 10 times, the number reported the previous month cases they're straining hospitals in Texas, with El Paso and San Antonio, issuing partial curfews through Monday morning in California, Los Angeles County officials announced a safer at home public health order in one month, the county has gone from 800 to 2000 people hospitalized for virus related problems. I'm Jennifer King

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