First 'mass air shipment' of Pfizer's Covid vaccine arrives as airlines prepare for more


This week. We're taking a special look at the race for a vaccine across all of nbc news. Tonight we focus on the enormous challenge of distributing the moderna and vaccines once approved both here and in europe. Here's joe during this challenge moving millions of doses of its vaccine the cargo carriers to every corner of the country for use the minute. The fda gives the go-ahead that could come within two weeks maderna's vaccine can be kept in a normal freezer while pfizer's requires arctic. Coal already pfizer is using united airlines cargo. Flights packed with dry ice to pre-position millions of its vaccine doses while awaiting fda approval part of a massive distribution network now a worldwide american airlines also using empty passenger planes to rush supplies around the globe inside the seventy seven no passengers and no suitcase. It's all cargo. Making room for more medical supplies vaccines therapeutics. And p p pharmaceuticals that require. Cooling are shipped in mobile freezers. Their temperatures constantly monitored if the temperature drops by even a quarter of a degree the alarm goes off in. Our team is able to investigate. What's going on and make sure that. The shipments ready for the rest of its journey. Cdc advisory committee will meet tomorrow to decide who gets vaccinated. I arkansas health director. Dr jose romero is on that committee. What is your biggest challenge in arkansas. I think our biggest challenge is going to be reaching those urban Constituents at need the vaccine rural health care centers rural hospitals while the military will rush vaccine's to every state and territory. Each health department must get it to the most remote corners of the country both moderna and require two shots. One concern keeping the pfizer vaccine. Cold enough it may not be able to get it out to some remote clinics and smaller hospitals. That just don't have the capacity to store it in the appropriate fashion with lives on the line. One of the biggest civilian cargo airlifts in history. Is now ramping up

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