Rita Ora sorry for birthday party that broke lockdown rules

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Now for some breaking news. Was she wary. Where was she seen she posted. Why on instagram. Who clean gone too long pause. What's rita ora up to. Who is this woman. We've never done this before we've never opened with what's read or up switching the order of the show were doing top down instead of bottom up. No we're doing bottom up top down bottom up and as we've said a few times in the past month or so rita's back to normal. You know the world isn't back to normal but reed is back to normal. Were sitting about it and yet now i'm like regret now like we jumped the thrill she was getting. We were thrilled. That she was getting The same number of headlines that she used to get however we didn't want her to get these types of headlines. Oh no this is very bad. So celebrated bad parts. Don't throw your own bad party. It's funny because when. When i saw that she was turning thirty i felt a little pang of leg odds tube-like turning thirty like this time like that's that's more rain could feel bad. Yeah for somebody who loves to party. She loves to party but she something happened here. And she's now in a lotta deep water. She's on the cover of the sun so when she turned thirty. This is what we thought on. Saturday night was at saturday night. That her she posted at thirtieth birthday video that her team made her. Were all these important people in her. Life mcwhirter happy birthday. Big jazz. host of it was just so many people i mean. It's dozens of pete. That's what we thought we were going to be talking about today. That's exactly what o our michael caine star studded video incredible. Here's who's in it. We identified a lot of these people even though it was very difficult and then and then this happened sunday night. We'll saturday night. saturday night. Rada had a birthday party that was like a fake up or they. So i think that a lot of people are doing this and this is not just celebrities. This is normal people. They're showing the world one thing on instagram than they're doing something entirely different offense to graham serena showed me beth so rita showed a thirtieth birthday party that was very small and cute in her apartment in her flat. There were balloons on the ceiling. She watched the video. You could tell there. Were a couple other voices in there. She showed this big spread of desserts and it was like look at this cake. I'm gonna eat it all by myself. Ha ha ha. So it's very like this is how i'm celebrating in these times. But she also had a thirtieth birthday party at a fancy restaurant in notting hill. Yeah and it looks like she just hossack rented the space definitely because there were people bringing in liquor and ice and so it looks like she just rented the space and had over thirty people. And it's apparently against the law to even have like more than one person outside of your household and there are more. Their lockdown laws are more We have some to here. But there's more and they're more will get you your name. They're more like actually taking this seriously but also like they should take rita ora doing this more seriously than anyone because again. She's a public figure. And this shit's going to get photographed. What i'm confused about. And i wonder what you think is like. Did somebody call the paparazzi. Like who how. What's the deal with that like. There were lots of photos or photos of the cops getting there and being like What's going on in here. You know like literally. They had photos of the whole shebang. People going in people going out. Rita going in rena going out and i just wonder like for rita we've already said like. Oh you know. She calls the paparazzi. But like you wouldn't call the paparazzi on your own like a legal birthday when you're doing something like flagrantly illegal but this dead. Maybe not someone whether it was someone at the restaurant a neighbor because it doesn't look like these people they're like they're actually sneaking and they're going back doors like it doesn't look like they wanted anywhere right there and also looks it also looks late as hell like it doesn't look. It doesn't look just like nighttime. It looks like it's late really fucking stupid like i. Not that. I want people to like you know flout these rules or whatever but it just looks. They did it. The stupidest way that i could imagine doing this type of kind of activity Are photos all over the son of like police officer showing up in peering into windows. They're blurry paparazzi time photos of her sister and that guy vast morgan showing up with arm. Loads of prospero tequila articulate brand. Poppy delevingne kara levin. A lot of people. I can't recognize among the thirty so if we have photos of those we have photos of the people people knew you know but there are twenty eight other people who weren't photograph because i guess they weren't important enough to be photographed. Her hat to have photographs. Patty love to identify those people. So according to the loss this is what it says in the guardian england's national lockdown which ends on tuesday which is like ria you could of waited it's against the law to meet more than person you do not live with acceptance specific circumstances. Police have the power to break up gatherings issue fines of up to ten thousand pounds for breaches of regulations so she just voluntarily pay according to the sun this morning. She just voluntarily paid ten thousand pounds. She was like you know what. Here's the money police. Stay away from me. I'm so sorry alone. She's on the cover of the sun with a mask on in a big firm furnish coat that says read a party. Cheater was a really good. That was a really good line in the sun that said bang out of ora. Rita ora slammed she flouts lockdown laws. With thirty thousand. I was like bang out of something. Must be a british slang and it is. It's bang out of order which means someone is like acting a mess acting fool. You're being unreasonable. Your bang out of order posted a apology already on instagram winch. Is you know she said hello. I attended a small gathering with you through the gathering rita. You through the party. It was it was a spur of the moment decision. No it wasn't. It was a party that you through a birthday party made with the misguided view that we were coming out of lockdown. This would be okay. You were but few days later. Sorry i've commentary for all this. I'm deeply sorry raking the rules and intern understand that. This put people at risk. This was a serious inexcusable. Error of judgement given the restrictions. I realize how responsibilities actions and i take full responsibility. I feel particularly embarrassed knowing firsthand. How hard people have worked to combat this terrible illness and being fully aware of the sacrifices that people and businesses have made to help. Keep us all safe. Even though. this won't make it right. I want to sincerely apologize.

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