Ep195: F**k Me with an F (Ft. Sofia Franklyn)


Guess what decision. We're about to make moral decisions up her way. No you are doing. I just feel like i got so. We really don't have that many white people are. I am not going to throw horrible to be a dead bitch. We break. I have not. What can i all just announced i. Am i hope the brain glenn literally my boys how you did. That is my fucking voice. Talk that is like wide. Yeah you mean like you're not really closing everything's a question. I like really why every single thing i have. Not my ex was a quarter. Which i know that sounds so justify in utah. Your quarterback full block guy. Well i just started watching the real housewives of salt lake city and they think that the hawaiian bitches black apparently a hawaiian tong in whatever she talking tonkin is play say simone jong they call samoa tonga but she literally went on there and so she dates a black football coach. Like i'm hawaiian. But it's so weird because here in salt lake they pretty much to say on black and my right out here in bitch. We are having a business. Grants black owned sorry. I don't know what i've got. Sba no no. It was super awkward. So i can believe if you said that your person was a quarter. I know that sounds so ridiculous to say but literally he was in utah. There were like three blocks. Will i mean. I can pull up a picture. That's not the only black people in utah jazz literally. 'cause you had no idea. Look i had a few on the jazz before. Not not the current roster. That's a lot of young guys now. The ball players anymore. The ball players. Do i have a grown as regular maker would. It's been seven mandy is really trying to act like she gave her life over to. I gotta boyfriend near ticket guy anymore. I've a any more going to church done. Almost thirty breaking. I have given my life to my new man. I don't know who i am be guys talked about like siri like getting married and So i already know what the money set up our marriage right now because of biblical make pre-nup we don't want kids and i honestly don't think i'm ready to move in with anybody like i have a cat right now. And that's enough. He'd be scratching my laura. I'm like noodle preface so mandy in love. Our does something. I never had a boyfriend. She had a boyfriend. I had a boyfriend in munoz. A senior high school shut the corner. Visit literally your first boyfriend as an adult yet. Like other was situation ships. Wow we're like we're like. I was claiming but he was community dick and way by community or claiming he wasn't claiming you in my mind. Yeah that's how it was working. We gotta talk about how we all got together a. Hey y'all know each other. So i wrote a few things are stories. I thought we could talk about mainly. Because i've been a fan of some of your stories that i've only heard from recently. So without naming what shelby named we had to talk about the fiasco because mandy. And i fight a lot. We eric all i are in that lake. This is going to be horrible so much so where we got an talks with our lawyer and she was like if we ever break. We can't talk about each other when we're when we're done. What happened on your assignment. But which i felt like it was unfair. But i had to listen after right. There is a thing when you're podcast. Came out obviously was big and people would compare it a. You had been around a year the time when we were we were for like two three hundred seven interject because when i told my friend i was coming on horrible. Agents said okay. The g. call her daddy. I swear to shut up. I appreciate that. Because some people when i would meet them like so let me just tell you live. People think i'm the white one on this show just because it's a little bit of she is the only one that had pink dick so i've never had picnic first of all. I like to get fucked up but that doesn't view white guys bro. But it's white guys in just everything else do a. What do you mean you're white because you get fucked up talk range of my fucked up like i'm like a seven am feeling now news. That's the kind of. Should i be on so i lack honestly like bitchy beyond that white girl shape which is kind of true roy. White girls at the white girl got which is probably like you told. The story of the coffee plays like oh that one. I lot if i can stories well yes so on that track just to the storytelling. Her having a park has so. I would go to all these parties right and people would meet me and be like what do you do. I would mention podcast. Which i don't like to do. Think your rogue embarrassing walk fucking all you do so maybe like oh i call her daddy and it was sometimes hurt my feelings. Because we'd been around. So long. And i had felt like done. So much work touring fucking. Tv shows a okay me and my whole office at the time so we we work corporate at one point before we left and i was an accountant. And it's funny. 'cause i kept my podcast very private because of the content of people in the office. Where listening to you guys and so it actually made me like. oh yeah. We'll talk about it. And she to look horrible decision while i was at ernst and young young girl record wanted to show that we could fuck to become all bad with my outfit from the night before you know any podcast. That was out at the time was either white or they were like influencers are models. They weren't like normal girl right. And i remember you were like a secretary or something at times when you relatable like that it made sense and that's why people get drawn to you anyway. After i was reading everything like new york post analyst. I gotta read this shit and you know it really was. I hate sophia trained for a long time. Not from saint for me but for everyone when you're reading it and watching the entire world yes. I wanted to via trade. I can't go. But i. I looked like what people thought. Where your favorite episodes or the best episodes and they were so much you that i wanted to not like. You couldn't help it and in jail this way. We wish what. I like to jail three times i three times but the time you're talking about helped you out long.

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