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Enjoy the show favorite musician and also no broughton that we've had on the show when our favorite musicians get him. Kevin is in a band called driving and crying. He has a solo record and he tells the story he lost his girlfriend and was he was telling us about. It obviously must father. Don't talk mushy stuff. And he says women are like cars. You gotta have good maintenance. Jason sparkplugs you have to keep up with this stuff. Downs broken hearts and auto part is the name of the song and the record. But that's what a product and a project. You have to have constant maintenance on that you call women high maintenance. No it's not high maintenance it saying you can't sit there and not take care of something you have to be aware of what's happening. You have to do the right thing. The simple things check the spark plugs. Do this kind of thanks. And you need to check in on your relationships. You need to check it on your priorities a lot. You must be looking at them all the time and doing some basic maintenance so that way the transmission doesn't go out in the car shot forever even know what to say even agree with that. Now knock on women high maintenance especially my wife did not. Hey everybody welcome to the show today. Johnny and i were scheduled to meet to go over where we want. The podcast to go cheers. Business means and so we're inviting you to listen to our meeting. We're going to look at what we've done right what we've done wrong. And how are we going to grow and twenty twenty one. hey i'm karen i'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. gwen thank you for being on the show hours blizzard. Well since last week show came out and We ended up talking about deep fried studios. Which a thoroughly enjoyed conversing with you. Anyway was your idea by the way i did. It was it was since the tape. But i'm pretty sure. I wasn't me dominating the conversation which i normally do. You're the one that suggested. Let's talk about your company. Oh absolutely okay all right now. We're gonna talk about the cheers of business. It became so interesting. I think the things we we talked about on that last episode is universal on either talking about what we're talking about the day how improve and think about cheers the business podcast moving forward or if you're any company in certain things you need to think about. I'm already doing that or need to be thinking about doing that. And when i popped up and said we need to do a show on why we need to continue. The cheers to business podcast. Why keep doing it. Well first of all you need marketing. In general every company needs to have marketing and podcast allow you and most hosts are involved with the show or a product or the company. That's paying for the podcast or the marketing. So it is a way for you to put out a lot of unique personal content of what you do and why you do it out there in the world better than anything i've ever seen so one podcast goes out on. Apple goes on on. Spotify goes out on facebook youtube. Right and then we'll talk a little little bit layer about maximizing this content but all the things that you're putting out there on a weekly basis that has to do with you or something you're interested in or something about your company or company you find interesting out every week that's why podcasting is so great and people are still consuming podcast more and more and more more listeners out there than there ever has been. It's like our sponsor you know. I'm at the bar mortgage companies and we've done a show with brian.

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