Right of Privacy Limits Request for Records of Public Employees in PA


State officials exerting more power than ever as they confront Cove it the public's right to know has never been more important, right Shepherd and he's correct, of course. Which is why advocates of government transparency of raising concerns over Pennsylvania's records system that makes phone call records all but obsolete. Vending contract between the state of Pennsylvania and Verizon. That utilizes Skype calling software has drastically cut short the amount of phone logs that can be obtained on certain state phone numbers through the right to know law. With the new Skype software office phone logs for government officials using the system can only stretch back for the most recent 30 days of any given time. Delaware Valley Journal learned of the restrictive data sets after filing a right to know request seeking phone logs for the cell phone and office phone of Dr Rachel Levine. The cell phone logs, which included the incoming or outgoing numbers, time and length of call and the date Were all easily supplied by the department. However, the Department of Health then indicated it could not supply the months were the blog's for Levin's office because Skype Skype's The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is contract for telecommunications services held by Verizon expired on December 31st 2017 For its next generation of telecommunications services, the Commonwealth engaged in a competitive procurement process that resorted in the world Awards to multiple suppliers. Bottom line. The business we do now, Elektronik Lee, you're not going to be able to

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