Hunter Biden Thirst, GOPratt 10.20.20 - burst 06


Dante Hall got me a betting on football basically I won a bet like I think it was like the for the of the season or something and I had a bet going on the chiefs and deliberate and I was like this guy is great and that season I probably lost the most money off the. He personally got you like he was like I. Think we're GonNa hit his return. We're GONNA get. Under View and and lose this game and you. Guys cover. He had a good streak of a few games in Rio running back a punt is so excited. It's. Watch. It like a horrified parent where I'm just like get out of bounds. Finally. What is a myth? Something people think is true. This is crazy because I wrote this down before I knew what we're GonNa talk about today I have to again but one of them I couldn't debunk and that is that I think my nails are growing faster now. Wait why what's going on? No, I don't remember having to. Trim them this often. But man, it's because I have I used to go outside. But. I'm Marker I. Think they're growing. I'm having to trim them I feel like multiple times a week

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