Did you hear about that? And the reason that


High taxes, and he heard Joe Biden talk about His promise to raise taxes and Buyten's tax increase plan is like $4 trillion. It's a folks, it is a It's a shovel. It is a it's it's. It's bury the US economy of Biden. Actually, the and the Democrats want to do it. They want to do it. They want to set up a socialist government. They want to destroy wealth. Wealth is freedom, wealth, his power, the ability to acquire wealth, Even the ability to have a career to set your sights high. Have a dream. Fulfill it. They want to kill all of that. You may say that doesn't make central it does if you understand socialism. Wealth and independence on the part of individuals is the biggest enemy to a socialist tyrannical government. They need as many people as possible dependent. They need is many people in poverty as pot. They need a permanent underclass that will vote for them to keep whatever meager things they get in life coming. This is what Biden is promising and Fitty Cent has heard about it and goes, it's not just 50 Cent. Ice Cube has decided to vote for Trump. You heard about that? You have heard about Ice Cube. Why? This platinum plan to create jobs in black communities. This is this is ice cubes plan it was hatched in the barbershop. And I want to create some jobs out there in the black communities, and Biden turned it down. Right? They told him until after the election. Don't bother is with this stuff now. Ice Cube. By the way, How can a black guy be an ice cube? You guys that you guys? It doesn't make some biting. Don't understand it. In fact, can you imagine? Can you imagine the poor guy they had to run in and tell plugs. Miriam lost 50 cents. Plugs the dad gum. It dents a day's wages. Got to be a shock. Also two Fitty Cent to learn the ain't black now. Because you know, Biden said, You ain't black. You ain't voting for me. You ain't black. He said that there are old buddies Charlotte mean the God. So 50 Cent not voting, Biden endorsing Trump and suggesting to all of his friends that the smart thing is to Ah, is to vote for Trump and now Ice cube doing the same thing Now you might think

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