5 Top Tips for Preparing for the Week Ahead on Sundays


Were looking at some of your various. Content out there, and and of course, this is right up our ally because of course, we're the we're the target market of yourself. You had a post on top five things you need to prepare on Sunday to make your week amazing as a working mom. Seo. Like Click Click Click. Enlighten us what what should we be doing on Sunday on Sunday civiles like one of my absolute favorite things talk about. So before I tell you what some of these things are I just wanted to tell you one is busy working moms. We have to cut down the amount of decisions that we need to make during the week and the way that we do that is preparing so that we don't have to think so much and we don't end up with decision fatigue, and if anyone's listening to like this decision to take the way that I like to think about it is we have about one hundred. Decisions that we can make in a day and after those hundred decisions you start either doing things either making poor decisions or you don't make decisions at all, which is just as bad. So you WanNa make sure that you're using that decision power wisely. So Dune, this Sunday preferencing Kinda helped eliminate you having to think a lot during the mornings especially during those times where I feel like you need to use that decision power for work in really important things. So I like to start the Sunday presumed by looking at what is going on during the week as far as what we need to wear so of. May Be wearing uniforms, which is super easy. So you don't have to worry about picking out things that match and things like that but even for me honestly I've gotten so far to pick out my socks in I've picked everything out and have it ready. So I literally grab it and go I. Don't WanNa think in the morning. So like I said, we're using that decision power for later in the day when it's important. So get your clothes ready. Make sure that you're looking at the weather for the week. If it snowing of, it's raining, you wanNA address accordingly, and then also if you have any other really important events coming up. So for instance, if I have date night or a meeting with my boss, I wanNA make sure I had those close ready. Nothing's worse than you need to have something dry cleanness, not ready to go. So that's number one getting the close writing number two would be to get your meals. and. I'm not a huge meal practice of don't get scared. All it is is just taking a piece of paper, right Monday through Sunday or Monday through Friday. However, you like to do it into simply writing down what you're gonNA eat during the week so you can have a menu so you know what you have in the refrigerator in the pantry so you can pull it together. So like for instance, already had so many meet lows and some mashed potatoes that I already made so. I know that's on my menu and I can easily pull that from the refrigerator and get it and go. I don't want to have to think, oh, my goodness, what are we gonna eat for dinner because that's like the one question at the end of the day that needs to be paid it. So I like to have that menu even if I don't necessarily want to eat meat loaf mashed potatoes tonight, I can look minions the Oh you know there's chicken and fries so I can do that instead so. Again for eliminate low mounted decisions that we have to make. So that was number two number three thing would be played out your week and for Moms, a lot of us we we tend to other people before ourselves. So I always say start by putting yourself first on your schedule and making time for yourself and the way to do that, I, look at your your schedule for the week see what all you have going on. Imply the things that you can't change. So I know I have to go to work from seven thirty to four thirty I. Know I have a Doctor Appointment at twelve o'clock and I, know that I have to take the kids to band practice whatever it is. So we played those things in and then you have all those empty slots time. That's where you want to plug in time for yourself then add in everything. Else. As far as the kids the husband and things like that because it's so easy to Philip our schedule with our kids in our family and don't make time for ourselves and that's a really big thing and I'm I'm really pushing Israeli really making time for this moms because we need it especially now more than ever we need that time. So planning our schedule because I was that mom that would always forget about. Wacky Wednesday and a Pajama Day at school. So I will definitely take schedule to make sure I'm not missing anything because I don't Wanna be that mom. So that's the third thing. The fourth thing I know this is gonNA sound a little funny but restarting your devices because how many times have you gotten ready to do a really important meeting by get ready to talk to you ladies in my computer starts crashing that will like Bruin my. So, resigned your devices helps with a couple things one. There's a lot of programs running on in the background and we think we're closing them out, but they're still running, and if you have a million things, run it, eventually something's going to crash and burn and it's usually right when you need to do something important to take in times restart your laptop, your phone, your tablet, all your devices restart album so that don't have that happen at a really. Important time. In lastly, I, said meals. Is One more. Meals you say I got excited. In Devices, Oh your parents how could I forget little? CONDO. Take your parts and go through your price because let me tell you it was one day I. Remember I was like still mad at my husband and I was yelling him also wear keeps where Keith I gotta go. I'm late unlike wearing McKee's you know where my keys were at the bottom of price if I would've taken the time to claim that I would have found in the kids toys and some. rappers a whole bunch of other things that need to be there. So take some time go through your purse cleaned that out in the things that don't need to be there out in the things that need to be there back in. So those are my main ones that was say doing these on Sunday will help to set you up for the rest of the week. So things go a lot. So they're.

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