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The Bloomberg Brokers Studios. This is Bloomberg daybreak for Wednesday July eighth twenty twenty coming up this hour as corona virus infection surge the government ramps up testing across the south. The trump administration gives notice to the UN. Saying it's quitting the World Health Organization and the White House takes aim at Hong Kong with a push to undermine the city's currency long. Island begins face for reopening today plus president trump pushes for schools to reopen. In the fall I'm Michael Barr more ahead I'm Jon stashower in sports. The Ryder Cup has been postponed and another net won't be part of the NBA restart. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg daybreak on Bloomberg eleven three Oh New York Bloomberg Ninety nine, one Washington DC Bloomberg one, zero, six, one Boston Bloomberg Nine, hundred, Sixty San Francisco Sirius Xm one nineteen and around the world on Bloombergradio DOT COM and by the Bloomberg business APP.

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