Interview with Robin McBride and Andra McBride John


It's possible. You've never heard of mcbride sisters wine and that you've never had one of their chardonnays or brute rose as or one of their blended reds and it's even possible. You don't drink wine at all. But I'm here to tell you none of this matters for the purposes of today's episode because even if all of the above applies to you, this story will change some of the things you might think about business about fate and destiny about overcoming incredible obstacles and mostly. About. Love. This story is so epic that we decided it needed to episodes. So this week you'll hear part one of how Sisters Andrea and Robin mcbryde built the McBride Sisters Wind Company, and next week you'll hear part to. I'll start with the basics. McBride sisters. Wine is now one of the largest black owned wind businesses in the world. There are roughly. Thousand winemakers in the US and McBride sisters wine is among the top two percent in terms of how much wine they produce per year you can find their wines at most major stores like target and Walmart. And they're also higher end. So about twenty bucks a bottle but still designed to be accessible especially, the people who might be intimidated by wine culture and this is the precise problem. Andrea and Robin said out to solve how to open up the sometimes intimidating world of wine appreciation to people normally shut out young people, people of Color women but also make the wine good enough to attract wine. Snobs. Robin Andrea actually founded their business in two thousand five. And they faced just about every barrier imaginable. They were young women of color with no immediate access to a winery no money no connections. But what they shared was a passion, a deep abiding passion for wine. Something else they shared. A bond that was forged in a unification. The two sisters were born nine years apart both have different mothers but share the same father and for most of their early lives neither sister new, the other even existed. But remarkably both women grew up in wine producing regions Andrea the younger sister grew up near Sauvignon Blanc vineyards in New Zealand well, almost seven thousand miles away for older sister robin was living in. Monterey California with her mom. My mom and our shared father a divorce when I was a baby and so it was only she is. So she never remarried. She didn't have any more children She really honestly didn't even very much. I was aware of anyway she hid it from me. I'm not sure and she didn't have a large family at all. She was an only child also so it was really just her and I together in the world you know we were really. Had a really strong bond and really quite dependent on each other and when you were growing up, you didn't have much contact with your dad right none at all. You know a little context. My mom wasn't thrilled with our father when they divorced and you know it was no accidents that they weren't in communication. It was something that she wasn't interested. In doing so for me from a really young age I was just always you know as a child who has a missing parents I was just always like you know where is he? What's going on? Why is it my dad or my life? You know I had a lot of questions from my mom And she was like, well, you know she always told me like you know he's probably noaa somewhere and she's like I don't want to have any communication with him. She's like. Grow Up and do your thing. Right. When you're eighteen, you know if you feel like you want to start a search to find him go ahead and do that, and so I'd always planned. It was always something that I wanted to do because I did want to figure out who this mysterious person was and hopefully have a chance to meet him. What kind of things were you interested in as a little girl? I was a really weird sort of child and I think part of that has to do with the fact that you know I didn't have like cousins around and we didn't have a larger family dynamics that was really kind of you know alone are little bit. But that had me outs exploring the world's a lot kind of on my own. So you know just really curious about nature and the environment and kind of more of that than people in socializing. Aspects of the world so kind of a little a little bit of a different

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