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Cox Morning show that you're finally coming home to roost. This is the stuff that novels are made of. And yet Joe Biden claims he didn't know that it's possible that he did. Nobody forgot about it. I would buy that argument because he probably doesn't remember what he had for dinner last night. Weekday mornings. 5 to 9. What you wanted to be your listening T. Glover show happy Monday. Hey, Frank Cusumano joins us from news Channel Five. Frank. They great to be with What's going on? Thank you for the very nice message that you recorded for my 20th anniversary very much appreciated. Congratulations. It's all downhill from here, though. You kind of kicked out. I don't like your future idea how happy that makes me I would love to be on the downhill with something to talk about What happened over the weekend in sports. Um, well, there's a lot going on. We could have unbelievable world serious. I believe it's going to the Dodgers in the race. This is the first time since 2013 or the two top seed in each league. You know, get to the World Series. We're all kind of expecting this crazy covert 19 time. There could be a fluke, a team with a sub 500 record like the Astros sneaking in. In the end, it's the 40 and 20 Tampa raise. Against the 43 17 l. A Dodgers. Tampa has a real sink Louis feel Randy arose Arena. The four Cardinal has seven home runs that breaks the rookie record. If he hits another one, he'll tie the overall record. I think he's going to get to and break it. They also have a picture by the name of Pete Fairbanks. He went toe Webster Groves high. He had two Tommy John surgeries by the age of 23. They're Iwas. Closing out the pennant for the Rays throwing 99 miles an hour. It's an unbelievable score, Frank, are they doing a Gold glove and Cy Young and all those awards this year? Absolutely, And that's important for the players because there's a lot of incentive there. So you won m v p like Freddie Freeman or women, the National League. It's probably an extra $250,000 this funny that don't mean I don't know what the best records were, but I mean, somebody could win the Cy Young and beat nine and two or something like that. Absolutely. Yes. The Cy Young Award when it will be about an 80 winter, right? Yeah, it's crazy. Anything over the the weekend in football that stood out to you one You know, I gotta say something. The marquee game was supposed to be the Buccaneers against the Packers, but only one Hall of Fame quarterback brought their a game. Aaron Rodgers was bad, and Tom Brady was really good. I keep thinking like this Brady Belichick divorce. It's like Tom Brady ended up with Jennifer Aniston and double check ended up with Phyllis Diller. The Brady situation is so spectacular he's loaded with great receivers loaded with great running backs. They're going to be one of the best teams in the NFC, and Belichick is now under 500 for the first time after five games, I think since 2002 and they got no players, I mean God, what can do with a good player, but he's got no receivers. He's got no running backs. I just don't like the Patriots roster at all. Granted, a lot of people opted out because of covert 19. That does not look like a good team. You know, Frank, I saw Frank Gore go off in the press conference after the Jets got beat bad by the Dolphins over the weekend. Did you see that? Did you see his press conference? Because I did not. But I did watch a game. Yeah, he was. He was cursing a lot and everything, he said. Everything he said was spot on and I agreed with him. But the reason I bring it up, is they They brought up the fact that He is now third. I believe on the all time Rushing yards list. And Yeah, he did. Hey, past Walter Payton. He's 37 years old. I can't believe that and go ahead. We'll hear it was there He was yesterday at 37 with 11, Karis and 46 yards now granted, he's on a God awful. New York Jets team their own six, but it's amazing. Can I take a quick little frank or stories? Okay, So this was right about the time were stand cranky, had alienated everybody in this city, and we could care less about the Rams. Frank Gore is on my fantasy team on the field about 11 45 before the game. He's walking off to go to the locker room right before the game. And I need him to play well. I tapped him on the shoulder pad and I say, Go get him Frank, and he just nodded big Frank dwarf. In fact, I was hurting with running backs. Yesterday I had to plan and he produced. He's an amazing athlete. I've always admired. Yeah, I agree completely. He is. He's always been a guy that seems to play the game the right way. He's always been a team guy. But But what I really stands out is he'll have to be in the Hall of Fame, right? If you have more Russian guards and Walter Payton, you have to go in the Hall of Fame, but Frank Gore I would never. He's done very quietly put together my list of greatest running backs. Get away down the line before anybody would say Frank Gore, but And and I don't see that. That's that's where the Hall of Fame thing gets a little weird for me, you know, and the equivalent of that is a guy yesterday. Philip Rivers, who threw three touchdown passes at age 38 Philip Rivers, He was the one wife and nine kids. And he's good for 60,000 yards. And when you think of river, she don't think that a whole Famer, But at the end of the day that he's like top three or four incompletions, touchdowns and yards he's going to get in. Yeah. I had this weird, Frank. Appreciate it. Okay. I want to say that it is an honor to be a part of this program. You've done an unbelievable job, and I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this great show. Thank you so much. Thank you. Traffic

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