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Commander test positive thie. Entire Joint chiefs of staff is in quarantine Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden issues of sweeping the symbolic backdrop of Gettysburg Pencil. Vania, site of the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. Toe warned that the US again is in a dangerous place. Vice President Mike Pence reject a plexiglass debate with Democratic vice president Did eight nominee comma head around a virus fatigue beginning to afflict countries across Europe. Pacifica Radio KPFK in Berkeley KPFK in Los Angeles. This is the evening news. I'm mark Miracle. President Donald Trump's returned to the White House is poised to reshape the campaign's final four weeks as AIDS debated today setback while grappling with how to send an infected president back out on the road. The race that had remained steady throughout. The Tom alert now threatens to slip away from the president after he spent 72 hours hospitalized with covert 19, the very disease that is fundamentally altered the country he leads and the campaign he wanted to run. The president in his first full day back in the executive mansion plunged Washington into further chaos by abruptly ending Corona virus relief talks. Trumpet stage managed his dramatic if reckless, re entry to the White House last night, taking off his mask before stepping back inside and was pushing AIDS to return to the campaign trail as soon responsible, including to next week's second debate against Joe Biden. But as the president remained contagious, his health under careful watch, a division emerged between aides over how to manage the fallout. Some believe the moment could act as a late reset, allowing the president to draw from his own experiences and to at last show, some empathy for those affected by the pandemic. That others believe that abruptly changing course. After seven months of

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