U.S. announces charges against two ISIS members


The Islamic State Group over the killing of Western hostages in Syria. The US Justice Department has announced that Alexander Coty on El Sheffield's shake, both originally from London, have each been indicted on charges including hostage taking, resulting in death. They admit belonging to I s but have denied killing hostages. His Sebastian Usha, the two eyes members were captured in Syria two years ago by Kurdish forces who handed them over to the U. S military in Iraq. The cell they are alleged to have belonged to was known as the Beatles by those unfortunate enough to fall into its clutches. They included the American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, as well as U. S and British Aid workers videos off the beheadings of some off the Western hostages we used by Isis as the blackest propaganda. U. S. Officials say the two men will now face a proper Legal process of a kind. They denied their alleged victims. Greece's Prime minister Cariocas Mitsotakis has hailed a court ruling that a neo Nazi party golden Dawn is a criminal organization. He said it ended a traumatic cycle in Greek public life. Golden. Dawn's leader, Nikos Mikola, Liacos and six other senior members were among those found guilty after a five year trial. The court also convicted Golden Dawn supporters of various attacks, including the murder of a left wing rapper Pavlos Thesis in 2013. Any report from the

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