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This is Gary v Audio experience. And now let us say to our next guest very excited about this. This man is a true renaissance man. I, mean the the of hats that he wears his truly incredible You may know him as an Internet personality as a marketing genius as a guru as a chairman as a founder as a New York Times bestselling author Multiple Times bestselling author. He is the founder and chairman of vein acts vein media. Viner sports is a a former wine critic I. Mean this guy has done at all and perhaps most important is that he is a die hard New York jets Fan Seles this out of the way Gary Bainer, Check Aka, Gary V. podcast host I mean so many things I as a lifelong buffalo bills fan I feel your pain but not this year man I I'm enjoying this too much I'm sorry you know I was telling my brother Aj who was my partner and really the active. CEO About Banner Sports. which we'll get into in a second. He's eleven years younger than me and I was explaining to him a week ago. It was like you know the bills have been bad for so long that deep inside me was the nineties bills who beat US fifteen out of sixteen times and I'm the perfect age of forty four all four years of high school bet- literally all four the bills went to the Super Bowl and beat the Living Jim Kelly and read and Bruce. The depths of hatred I mean, the bills were the Patriots for me. And to watch this working out and to watch in the early stages Joshua's career be much further along than Sam's given the draft situation you can imagine how salty I am and I give you some nice words prior to off camera like I really really do appreciate your work but had I known how deep your bills Fan and when I was hoping was a little more casual but since you're starting to show with it, I'm a mum comfortably salty. Sorry but you know I again I feel for you guys. But I am enjoying it this year. There's so much that we talk about I mean we. As someone who loves interview people I feel like I can talk to you for four hours but specifically, today wanted to talk to you about your entrance your entrance I should say an interest in the world of mixed martial arts because around two or so months ago viner sports announced that they are getting into the anime business. Now, you represent a football players baseball players East Sports, stars if you will but now you're getting into. Our little sport here and you you hired a very successful agent named Lloyd Pearson and in doing so brought the majority of his clients from Balaji Group over to Vander sports names for those that don't know like Eddie Alvarez Tony Ferguson Curtis Blades, Jemaine Sterling Chris Wideman Anthony? Smith the list goes on and recently once he joined viner sports, you sign the heavyweight champion of the World St Mitch So let me ask you this and congratulations on that. Why Ma? Why did you guys decide that you wanted to get into the business? I grew up a wildly big boxing fan and I'm not talking just Mike Tyson I mean. Personnel. Whitaker I mean you know the Hawk. I was. Juliet Jackson. If you want to by the way, everybody's listening Google Youtube Julian Jackson. Highlights like knockouts like, Nigel. Benn I was nerdy about boxing I. Watched the first couple. UFC's I. loved them and then I went into what I would call why the jets became my favorite team the years where I literally worked sixteen hours a day and really the Sunday once a week schedule really enabled the jets to move to the height while all my other sports activities. I'm still crazy but I mean, literally from nine, hundred, eighty, two, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eight, I, followed everything and anything am new everything deep because sports cards, video games, and because I sucked at school and it's the only thing I cared about. Fighting has always kind of been out there now from the first UFC two to fifty one in evolution I. Also, a huge fan of Vince McMahon and Walt Disney from a storytelling standpoint. It's absurd how strong of Creative Execution Dana White has done with this organization just a storytelling, the building up of the individuals. And so it for about seven years maybe nine years. was. I even smiled I don't know how much this is video and. Audio when you our small sport in my mind? Fifteen years from this second basketball soccer AK football, and you have see are the three biggest sports in the world. And so for me, it's not so little. Comma. We start being sports. Football is our deepest passion. WanNa. By The New York jets wanted to learn the business inside out my brother got tired and has Crohn's disease and just wasn't feeling great and just didn't love beaner media clients all this we love sports you decided to go follow that passion we start Bainer sports we do football and we debate we stand football forever. Do we stay deep did this? And then we had an opportunity to baseball with Greg Gerski in a real meaningful way the opportunity there with guaranteed contracts five percent. There was a better business than football's the worst of them all. and. So we kind of decided to go there once that happened. It was like, okay. We're not just going to football for the rest of our lives and and UFC was very at the top of the list for a couple of reasons. One what I said earlier, my belief of where this is over the next rest of my life too I like it I like it. You WanNa like what you're in. And and three we felt that there was a lot I was blown away by what the top fifty people were doing in marketing outside the octagon. I just couldn't believe how small the deals in marketing were that you had real champions people with real social media, audiences, doing supplements and. Just doing deals that literally like I would have been able to get more for a person with five thousand. TIKTOK followers. So I'm like, wow, what a what a tough sport luckily unlike other sports like you can losing comebacks, there's some fun dynamics of longevity. But. Man these individuals these men and women are much more culturally relevant. Are One. Of them because of my content were fans of me and I would interact with them on the m cheering for them saying these things and I would get to know them and I'm like look at how great of a father sky is. A mother like they're so interesting and so it was like, wow I don't think from a management standpoint. There's only so much leverage when this got announced I was laughing because I read everything. And everyone's like, all right, let's see what the fake Gary Wait. Wait to Gary realizes he's going to have to negotiate with somebody really data and then people would defend me my fans and I was laughing look. This. Is an organization that the contract negotiations are different than they are in other sports and I recognize that I however feel to your point. We did our homework. We got very fortunate. I believe to get de guy we wanted and Lloyd too. So I, think. I. Think we have an unbelievably thoughtful agent manager. What I think I can do off the octagon is I would call it outside the ring is so extreme, and then who I think I am as a human and what I may mean for those individuals and just like in everything. I do. I don't mind how it starts with the kind of personality. I have even more anybody knew who I was and definitely now with people knowing who I am. I understand that people may consuming hot or cold. He's a Douche or he's good I just know that over twenty years of doing the right thing being good person doing the right stuff having talent putting in ridiculously hard work that those usually become ninety ten, not fifty fifty as they tend to start out and I'm excited to put in the work. I? Don't think a big shot I don't get I don't think I don't give. About all my success outside of this I come in here with humility patients we have a head start because a Lloyd. We learned on the job with football or further long. Football because we decided, we wanted to really learn on the job the first time, and now we know that we want to team up with. I mean, look what happens. Loyd is a playable. You Know Steve is a big deal and that happens because me and him and you know what I mean and so. I'm very excited and humbled like literally like salivating go to the fights like literally like fifteen times in the last hundred days or dreaming up the weekends in Vegas being nervous and like, and that's the other thing because of. The thing that really really is most difficult for me is I, love my things. I root for my things when the jets lose genuinely up and sad this sports worse I'm GonNa. Love these human beings. It's a singular human being. And a lot of times when they

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