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Hello Lauren. Any. How was your week own? It's been a long everything. That's really doing that sounds. Yeah. Yeah, it's going well I. Think I've managed to somehow over extend myself which feels impossible. During that seems absolutely normal for you actually. This is the first week we were talking that some of us are putting on her calendar, our TV watching yes, like we're like tonight and. You know on the Google cal or whatever use a calendar I'm putting everything in my calendar and I do feel like I did commit to a few things because occasionally I wake up with this idea that I'm like, I'm going to do that and I'm GonNa try this show or whatever, and then at the end of the day you're like, what am I doing like I barely do any I've gotten those black bananas out of the freezer like six or seven. They fought and I've put them back. It's like the banana bread will come but who knows Asking taste so amazing when you finally get to it, it does the re the. Freezing I is really. Let them, go black and then thaw them and re freeze them several times. Stephanie, are you cooking? Are you doing any of the intense recipe? It's a balance of like how how responsible do we wanna be to all the people that are making these deliveries all the time. So you know abby self centered in order food every chance for yet at first it seemed like this going to last two weeks. Let's order pizza every night you know So we've definitely we've gotten some farm boxes. We've tried to do stuff with them and some have been hit some good Mrs. Yeah like too many turnips that kind of thing. Well, we got a box. It was like all of we had to look it up on the Internet and like try to figure out. As. It turned out to be watermelon, radish sprouts or something. So I an entire episode and a half of Rupaul drag race taking the little sprouts. The thing in the Brad made a salad and it was like just okay and our. See. Last me what's for dinner and I'm like, I, don't know. I don't want to be responsible for it. I know it's too much everybody I know is reading recipes. I. Am Reading Instructions on the back of a box. So let's go to your first game. Quiz called masked singers because these days everybody's wearing a mask but some musicians were way ahead of the curve I'm going to play you a clip of a musician who famously obscures their face and you're gonNa tell me who we are hearing and if you have no idea, you can make something up. And we're going to go back and forth learn this for you. Right. He's an Australian artist who often uses a large blonde wig to shield her face, and sometimes she tops with the boat. Yea. Tiffany this for you. Because this singer's voice sounded so much like. Many conspiracy theories emerged that Elvis was still alive and releasing music under this alias in the nineteen eighties. I will say it seemed as though he was leaning into the Elvis thing a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll take multiple choice because I truly don't have a clue so I'm going to guess. Okay I'll give you the multiple choice. Was it a Orion be Bill Haley and his comets or see Jefferson starship? I think. Bill. Haley and his comments who is that? That's cool. Too. So cool incorrect. There was Orion. A Ryan yeah his. Belt. That's yeah. The very same. He were masquerade style mask. And during his time with the son record label, which was also eldest is label he made over eleven albums toured with Jerry Lewis Dionne Warwick. Documentary about his life in two thousand, fifteen called. The man who would be king so he really did lean into the Elvis thing that's how lauren the members of this French electronic duo appear onstage wearing helmets. I know I know I know. There's there's more there's more. And rarely give interviews. I know this is terrible but I'm going to need the multiple choice. Okay. Is it a the chemical brothers? The DAFT PUNK or C. LCD sound system it's Daft punk be that's right. Yes. I needed to hear it. I was because in my mind I was like is that no, it's not easy sound system I knew that but that's all it was coming into my head I'm so sorry husbands literally wearing his daft punk shirt today and then Lauren gets that question great. Yeah and that is a slap in the face it is. Straight up. Right up sloppy. Maybe. We'll come here. Stephanie. This electronic trio of musicians hails from Boise Idaho and first appeared on the scene in two thousand thirteen. I need the multiple choice. Sure. Was it. A Merlin's beard be broken WAN's or sea. Magic Sword. I don't know how permafrost. Hard you got hard ones Brogan wants sounds cool. I hope that's their name. The is cooler than their actual name. Best. Word. Chick Sore. Members perform wearing hooded close and fencing masks with glowing laser lines for is the third member of the band supplies projections. One of the band's members known as the keeper said that he came up with the idea while staying at a meditation retreat. That's where all good ideas come from. He said, he said day seven at dawn that this is what I wanted to do was the one constant in my life eighties epic

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