H3cz to reacquire OpTic Gaming from Immortals Gaming Group


All right. Let's get into the last word on the street, which is a big one here, and it's all really been all but confirmed. I think it's safe to say, but we just can't officially confirm it is that heck's is buying back optic. Somehow some way. And so finally, the memo of not heck's his optic is actually heck's his optic once more a lot to unpack here. And like I said, this is where the details artificially out yet. So I guess we kind of talk and speculation. That being said friendly reminder it is now nine. Oh, seven PM. October. Fourth Sunday night by the time we finish this. This is the Secret of the trade here we're going to students spend time speculating what this means. By the time we wake up tomorrow all the news and everything will be broken out exactly what it means. That's how that works we spent, and that's what's not surprised. If we hear right after this like one hundred percent confirmation that it's all happened but we know it I mean we we know what's happening. Like we feel pretty confident that this is all going through reportedly already acquired. Often. Gaming immortals brings it back to himself. Now a lot Tim's has lots unpacked. The big thing here is Hector's co-ceo currently energy for those that don't know right he already has a CD. All, slot. With. Being the Chicago Hint Huntsman this would give him a second slot, which reportedly he would have to sell off, and so that starts a whole nother conversation but but this would give him full ownership back of the brand. The content, the brand bringing back the Green Wall I think. This is massive like I. Really a I'd be thrilled for the guy because as much as we you know knock on Hammond and it's fun to do in that sense. The way I feel like the way we do it it's all fun and Games right like. This would be really cool like this would be. I'M NOT GONNA say this list the curse because I curse will follow there is one thing and one thing only that will lift the curse and that if if heck's is brave enough to show his face on this show Reached out to them to even talk about this, we've reached out to heck's multiple times. Said, he'd come on the show. He said he would come on the show news, and then as soon as you start trying to pin a detail in a time, he'll ghost you. It's happened multiple times hence, why the? Yes have hence why the curse is on facts and the only way to lift that cursed tax because I know you're listening is to come on the show and just talk you'd have to apologize even though you probably want to you don't have to. Imagine this dude right now like imagine the cloud nine that he is on. Tim If this all goes down the way we think it's going to go down right? Like he's probably you. Obviously I. Think he stays with energy in the sense in the co- CEO role especially if he has to sell off. The CD L. Spot but to have that branding back for him, I think would really like mean everything in terms for this guy like I do believe he truly one hundred percent regrets letting go about Dick like and I I, think this would kind of confirmed that right that he obviously does regret that decision especially the way it all happened with optic. Jay and all the nonsense like never he never let it go. He never never let they went off to war they broke up they were like dude were breaking up with you I'm going to war It's like I have other girlfriends here like it's over and hacks was like I'm not giving up on you and now they're all home. It's like the notebook. This is heck's and optic is now the notebook and were just in that phase where we're Noah built the home you know heck's built the home and he now the now they're back. I do wish he took back over the optic brand from the CDL perspective though so I, know that's not going to happen because of scum like team that's what's holding it up in. Yeah. Not now him and Andy Miller best dudes I think they're best friends that anyone has ever had and I agree with that. But if the players that Chicago had weren't those players, I truly believe heck's would say, Hey, thank you so much energy for everything you've done I'm this is this is my this is my baby and I got it. You got to choose your baby over you know whatever. So I I one, hundred percent believe in my heart that if it weren't for the players on that team, which is heck's his players. He would go over and just outright own optic in the CDL spot severing ties from Chicago but there's no way you could do that to those players that takes a little bit away from like. The enthusiasm I have for the deal altogether. Yeah. Right to not see that involved in in call of duty obviously because if they sell the brand has gone then from caller duty like older yet. You can't have. You can't have optic branding in cod league than optic content creation branding outside of it while having nothing to do with each other. Yeah like. Owners of spots. You know that's that's the the biggest challenge in. So it will be a little unfortunate that you just you don't see them in cod anymore but there's opens up other opportunities tim like this opens up a whole nother slew of rumours

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