COVID rules broken by Trump and the White House


Trump's approach dangerous himself and others consider that right now the White House is one of the more dangerous hotspots compared to other places that includes places with less funding less doctors. She regards because many other places are just filled with people following basic rules but trump spent months discouraging mass undercutting his own CDC guidelines and rules for their use in the West Wing. The masks it's going to be. Really a voluntary thing you can do you don't have to do it. I'm choosing not to do it. A lot of people don't want to wear masks. There are a lot of people think masks are not good. Many in the White House followed his lead skipping mass even tight indoor spaces holding that recent super spreader event with two hundred guests packed in like sardines. When this outbreak hit trump's team head crucial information about the viruses spread posing extra risk to his own staff. These are people who have security clearances they have inside access, and yet they found themselves learning about the spread in the news as has been, the case ever sets according to senior trump official just as trump stage-managed returned featured him. Just ripping his mask off before going inside leading experts to ask. What White House staffer would still want to go to work tomorrow epidemiologists WANNA. Vomit. Now. I just want to take a step back to stress the obvious here. Most public policies are not tested on the people who make them or on the White House itself. The president has a policy for schools or farms or prisons. The policies not tested in real time on the president and his team. Obvious But because this virus can hit anyone rich or poor powerful or not the nation is actually witnessing this strange process right now, you're living through a piece of history. The empirical medical fact check of the president's approach to covert. Which shows the approach failing. It fails to keep himself safe. Even with the advantages, the best security and healthcare in the country. The results are in trump's policy didn't protect his team. We're approaching twenty people who now Kobe ranging from government advisors to the people running trump's reelection campaign. This is obviously not what trump wanted. Being sick having teams sick drawing the campaign focus back to Kobe when he spent months trying to shifted away to other things law and order. Crime Supreme Court basically anything coke. So. Why? I mean we know from Bob Woodward's reporting that got so much attention and other evidence. Trump new covid was deadly. He pushed the propaganda downplay to trick other people. So, what happened? Well it's clear at least two thinks i. Trump broke a cardinal rule from Mafia movies to the ten crack Commandments. He got high on his own supply but began as a political effort to trick others boomerang with people in trump's own orbit apparently believing all this propaganda that came from their own side to trick other people. How else can you explain this visage of these relatively informed adults some of them senior citizens taking such risk against their own self interest. So that's part of it. The other piece of this is the sense of false security because well, trump did endanger himself the also relied on these hypocritical measures that he thought would protect himself. And that brings us to the third and final part of this approach that I mentioned Donald Trump's moves on covert because he did secretly demand people around him would wear masks and follows CDC style rules. Just. To. Protect him.

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