San Jose mayor calls for voters to weigh in on police reform measures on Nov. ballot


Questions in San Jose about why officers are seldom disciplined, serious use of force cases as KCBS zmapp Big live reports, the mayor is calling for voters to weigh in on a police reform measure on the November ballot. Between 2014 and 2018. Only three police officers in San Jose face discipline for serious use of force on civilians, reaction from former police officer and San Jose City Council member Raoul Paralysis. It could be that we have obviously Officers. They're justified in the amount of force that they're using. But certainly it's worth questioning to determine is that the case or is there something else that we're not seeing? In one such case released after a lawsuit by the the Mercury Mercury News, News, an an officer's officer's actions actions collapsed collapsed lung lung of of an an 18 18 year year old old man man who who was was on on the the ground, ground, complaining complaining that that he he could could not not breathe. breathe. Mayor Mayor Sam Sam Accardo Accardo tells tells KCBS. KCBS. I don't pretend to know the individual details of any specific case. But there's no question now that we have moved beyond the point in United States of America, where we simply believe That the police can police themselves. He is calling for voters to weigh in on measure G on the November ballot, which would expand the powers of the city's independent police. Auditor. San Jose police A use of force is an unfortunate reality for officers, and it is often justified based on the circumstances. Matt

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