Covid: Trump back at work in Oval Office days after testing positive


Ari Fleischer. Who is a Republican who obviously knows his way around the White House and communications he said this today if trump returns to the White House, they'll be tempted to go to the oval he can't do that. This is from Monday. He can't break quarantine or do things. The rest of us aren't supposed to do if we get covid how he handles himself is a metaphor for how he handles the nation. This White House must realize that like so many other tweets reverend this felt like a plaintive cry he's hoping the Republican White House realizes it. They don't this tweet has an age well given that they're violating all of that. But your thoughts about how important it is in storytelling in challenge tonight on that debate stage. For Comma Harris to say, do you WanNa know how their policy works look at how it fails to protect that? Absolutely it gives the storyline to counter and you really don't know. If you vice-president. Pence how you defended the narrative that the Republicans and and the president and vice president has tried to sell is that everything is all right is not as bad as you think. Trump comes out of the hospital and say, you don't let it dominate your life. So. That's why goes to the Oval Office. Today yourselves with two hundred overturned and eleven. Thousand people have died millions infected alley route you. Would you say those two hundred eleven thousand people let it dominate their life. They're not with US anymore. Yeah. It in their life. That's how much dominating but. The city and I'm looking at it via with stages. I wasn't all four with the primary debates. The setting is he's got to defend this through Plexiglas I. mean the visual will cancel out anything. It's like me sitting in jail looking through the boss talking about I might go on vacation you like you out of your mind looking. Glass trying to tell everything tell everybody and everyone's all right. That's one. Secondly, he has no idea where this president may be doing while he's talked I mean can you imagine sitting on stage and you have twitter in chief that make the undermining anything you're saying like he may tweet in the middle of the debate I've changed my mind again about. Having covert release, old less changer back I want to help the airlines. This man is not well in a normal circumstance who knows what the medicine is doing to, and for you you have been have to defend that case almost makes me feel sorry for vice president turns only reason I? Don't is easy Josh. He is the whole highlight of this disastrous, right we're on.

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