The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson Gets Raw About Sex and Dating

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You guys welcome to another episode of Justice Justice of Astor here and I am so excited about my next guest if you guys have TV and don't live in the stone. Age. You've seen this man on the. Bachelorette. You've seen him on Bachelor in paradise and if you're smart, you'RE GONNA go pick up his new book because he is going to be the nets Dr Feelgood please welcome Mike I'm six five in High Johnson. Thank you thank you like that. I might be Dr Feelgood right now let me just give you guys a little bit of a warning. If there's something that you don't understand in this program today, there will be a black man says dictionary at the end of this and we will break down exactly what we're talking about because it true. When two black dudes get together sometimes you don't know what's happening. That's true. That's sure. We're fighting but we're not fighting. You know what? I mean like people don't get it. Not Funniest thing is like when I travel the world I've had friends say every time you see a black Guy Y'all. It's like it's it's a pain is just a band no matter but never met you. You just do it. was there another brother on your? Hand Brown season. Yes, Guston. Devon Johnson was it surprising to you that there were four of you on one season because to be honest before that? I mean there was one and So. I was surprised not allow surprised about it in a happy way. I was really happy too late for it and it was like y'all we gotta represent. You gotta represent we can't. We can't be getting out here like we do not give a physical altercation because we know the headlines GonNa read. So we were happy about but have to be honest it's a lot of pressure sometimes you know for me, I have to watch myself and I can't be as vocal about certain things a lot about certain things and I can't the way I would normally vote because people would say I'm a guy like a angry black guy it should be in the back of reminded it's like I'm amy because this is a dumb ass situation. Right I'm just lucky that you Chad Johnson weren't on the same season. In that. Terrible them my mouth I want might really Oh God 'cause they're not probably. He would evoke emotions. I wouldn't have been good. I'm really mad that you didn't get that. Bachelor in off or was not like I'm mad that they gave it to Peter Webber. I. Did enjoy the Peter Weber of it all but I was ready for you to take over how close was it really I was told the night before they still are unsure. That's what I was told I dunno, the validity of that. I think if Peter hadn't acted out at that bachelor tells all. The final the final rose situation. If he didn't cry, we didn't know barb was it barb wasn't crazy Peter would not have been the bachelor. Let's be real. I will say Mama Liba bars probably better TV them so. She's amazing. She's awesome. TV got lowered. Did. You ever think that you would be on a show like this because you're a good looking guy. Do they you could have found. Ample women no I never thought I would be on a TV show I never was something I was thinking about never watched the Bachelorette. Notice respects on and. I met ladies but I lived in San Antonio Tom I was thinking I'm not GonNa find mop person here. Yeah. I tried all the day naps I did last. Night just have. A crushing you're crushing tender. I'll be. Twice. About it my you're taking down come on Mike. Now. Once or twice out say like that. Just. So you know. With the nod we also can't lie to black. Black the. To Black dudes. And it can get come on man come. And you've got to tell the truth. How did you end up getting involved with the show? No Lotto, my home. I was financial advisers at work not. So my boy I. I just got mad at through my phone and I was like I ain't GonNa Never I'm Never GonNa Parmalat I'm never going to find love like regulation all this stuff he was like Kinda say what you said he was bro what good-looking do girls ever said they wanted me to relationship and I was like. I'm ready like I'm getting old I'm trying to have kids one day. You know in boss up I want I can't wait for the day that I have a son or daughter in like they're dating somebody nine am you'll get it looked good. I cannot wait for that day. So my homeboy said a Africa him dying laughing at me 'cause I said I wanted to be in a relationship. A few months later, he just sent me a facebook casting call. Now I'm upward nothing today. Let's do it and you got it I got lucky. What did you really think about Hannah Brown whenever he saw for the first I thought she was cutie but then I was thinking I knew she was from Alabama and I was. She's Caucasian. I was scared that I wanNA. Get a fair shot at her because she was out in our thoughts I assumed you know we all make Assad assume I assume that She might not like black guys and I was like, well, this sucks best-case but she definitely like the song

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