First COVID-19 vaccine given in New York: 'Healing is coming'


Come on the air at the end of a history making day a day. That saw the first vaccinations in our country a day. When the electoral college maids joe biden's election already official even more official. If that's possible this was also the day attorney. General bill barr decided to spend more time with his family. There's one more thing as we enter the teeth of this dark winter of the pandemic our nation's death toll today surpassed three hundred thousand souls. It will take months. Perhaps a season or two before the vaccine is our ticket out of this and we're anywhere closer to being in the clear but that journey started with a single shot today when an icu nurse in new york became the first person in our country to get the vaccine and afterwards spoke with more emotion and more understanding of public health than we heard from the president today relieved. I feel like feeling this comment. I hope this marks the beginning to the end very painful time in our history. I want to instill public confidence that the maxine say we're in a pandemic we all the door part. How about that on. The virus has tightened its grip on this

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