In Nevada, Latino Activists Go Door-Knocking For Biden


A month. I don't know how to live in Mexico. I never go there lion is canvassing is part of a larger effort by her union Sister organization, the Culinary Workers Union. It represents about 60,000 hospitality workers in Nevada, the majority of whom are Latino. Union began canvassing for Biden in August, Well before the Biden campaign itself started knocking on doors in Nevada. Right now, you know the Latino community has been suffering with this pandemic. Gioconda Arguello. Kline is the secretary treasurer of the Culinary Workers Union. She says President Trump's handling of the Corona virus pandemic has hit Latinos, especially hard. In Nevada. Latinos make up about 30% of the population but account for more corona virus infections than any other group. We cannot afford another four year for President Trump, and we need to be sure by then become to be the precedent. But it wasn't Biden, who most Latinos in the State caucus for back in February. Bernie Sanders was the most popular candidate. An analysis by found that of majority Latino precincts, 70% backed Sanders. This is like two some concern among Democrats that Biden isn't motivating Latino voters. But Adrian Panto Ha doesn't see it That way. That enthusiasm gap is not there. We see a highly energized looking a population. Panto Ha is an analyst for Latino decisions, a public opinion firm focused on Latinos. He says that when it comes to getting Latinos to the polls, enthusiasm doesn't matter nearly as much as voter contact people vote because either have the resource is to go to politics or because politics comes to them. And when it comes to Latinos, which is a resource for community politics, coming to them is pivotal. Back on the streets of Reno. I speak with Javier or Maldonado, The young man Leone was canvassing. He tells me his vote is going to bite. When asked why he talks less about Biden and more about Trump, he'll say something, but he'll never really think about how he's gonna do it. And later on. He just does the opposite of what he actually said. He's going to do in general that just tells me that he doesn't know what he's doing. As for Leone herself, she won't be voting at all. Not because she doesn't want to, but because she can't Is a green card holder without US citizenship. Canvassing is as close as you'll get to the ballot box. This election cycle for NPR news. I'm Benjamin Pain

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