Google is facing the biggest antitrust case in a generation


The Justice Department announced that they filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing them of monopolizing the online search and search advertising markets. It's no secret that Google is a major player in these areas. The Justice Department is alleging that about 80% of American search queries go through Google. Also, it's chrome browser controls about 70% of the global online browser market. 85% of smartphones globally run its Android operating system. This is just a first step in what could be a lengthy and messy court battle for moron with the DOJ is alleging, and what it could mean for consumers will speak to Kyle Daily Technology editor at Axios, this pretty indisputable stuff, right? I mean, when you think of search you think of Google. I mean, there is myself being there's some other alternatives, but you know they're pretty. Finley used. The DOJ points out in the suit that Google controls about 88% of what it called General search, which is, you know In the open Web, searching Google maps searching for general information That's not like, Hey, I'm on Amazon and I want to search this closed platform specific product. And the challenge with bringing antitrust cases against the big tech companies. Is that a lot of them like Google, now free to use there isn't really clear, clean, observable consumer harm where it's like prices went up. Because of your monopoly. That's bad. We're gonna crack down on you. You know there are no prices for the consumer, so they have to sort of do two things here. One is define a market that's being monopolized which can be kind of challenging itself. So you know what you first have to do is establish. Okay, Here's something where Google Clearly has the monopoly and that is, as you say, online search and then be causing harm. So what DOJ is saying the harm is is really to competition, or sort of would be competition that Google has used its position and that it uses agreements that it makes With Apple with wireless carriers with Samsung and other companies that actually makes phones at one android toe lock it in as the default search engine on your smarts on are sort of core your carrier around your Web browser, and then it uses that to achieve this market dominance and shore up its market dominance, And then that sort of this self fueling thing, where the more ubiquitous Google is, the better it's product become. Is because it can feed the engine with more data, and it just sort of breaks away from the competition is definitely there. You know, you think of things like Kleenex or Xerox. You know those air the brand names or whatever the things that they kind of represent, now, you don't Here. Somebody said, Hey, go being that people say go Google that I mean, it's a product that we know and everybody uses all the time. What is Google say in response to all of this Because I was just reading some of it. You know, they said, Well, our product is just so good that That's why people like to use it and they have the other options and they just don't Yeah. I mean, that's why this is such an interesting case. And that's why, you know, we kind of expected continue seeing antitrust cases possibly brought against some of these big tech companies, particularly Facebook, but also Amazon, possibly Apple that there's a high likelihood that regardless of which party is in power We're going to keep seeing this. So they say exactly what you said. In response. They say they put in use the word monopoly, but they sort of copped to monopolize the market. But they say that's just because we're that good. You know, the other options are out there. You are free as a consumer to choose them. You're free to change the default on your phones so that its searching being more Google or doctor go. You do the same thing on your browser. People stick with us. This is Google talking because We just have the best search engine and we're not deliberately taking any action to prevent competition. And they say he's the same arrangements that they make with Apple to be the default in safari. They say. You know, the other guys are totally free to do that. And if they had a better product, and maybe they would have more more. These agreements like we have

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