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Way back in 18 57 were the world's first soccer club or football club. Sheffield FC has found it in a one thiss week in 1921. The Green Bay Packers play their first NFL game 7 to 6 win over the Minneapolis Marines. This week in 1939, NBC becomes the first network to televise a pro football game. Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Philadelphia Eagles 23 to 14 at Brooklyn's Habits. Field Thiss Week in 1960 after 13 years in Minneapolis, the Lakers opened their inaugural season in Los Angeles with a 1 41 23 loss at Cincinnati. Thiss Week in 1966 Ice hockey legend Bobby Orr scores his first career goal against the Montreal Canadians. At the time of his retirement. He was the leading defenseman in league history. With 270 Gold. Thiss Week in 1993. Joe Carter hits on Ly the second Baseball World Series winning home run as the Toronto Blue Jays when Game six of the World Series to beat the Philadelphia Phillies four games to two And

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