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Study that said if 95% of the country war masked by the end of February, it could save about 130,000 lines. U S Border Patrol agent investigating suspected human smuggling with other agents in Texas fatally shot a person driving a car. Caring people believed to be in the country illegally. That according to federal agents, you're listening to ABC News. Good evening. Here's a look at traffic around Chicago. The Eaton's is 20 minutes in from like Coke to the Kennedy Junction, Kennedy's 35 informal here downtown 20 from Montrose. Outbound is clear to the junction 21 to O'Hare. Eisenhower is 35 between 3 90 in the Old post office and the Stevenson 33 minutes inbound from 3 55 to Lakeshore drive heavy around the Dan Ryan inbound ramp construction on the Ryan. Right. Lane has it at 18 from 95th downtown throughout 53 inbound at Easter Field. The crash on the right shoulder from the 90 Traffic Center. I'm down club in with the next update in 30 minutes. The following is a paid program sponsored by breaking through media and is not affiliated with wools, radio or cumulus media listener should consult their own advisers and conduct their own

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