Grant off before i ask him. What's on his mind. Stay tuned we have a hunter. Henry giveaway on the snapback podcasts on instagram and we have one hunter henry interview at the second half of the pot. So abe let me ask you. What is on your mind to that. I was going to text you about this earlier. But i figured i'd save it for what's on my mind. Do i have a story from today. Straight out of like some impractical jokers. Stuff let's go. Get my haircut today. Looks thank you waiting for that And i sit there with my mask on. Obviously while he's cutting my hair and it goes around my ears but when he's doing the sides i have to take off the year and just hold it over my and as you know you have like the little thing like what's your mccollum ma. Marcus smart from art class smart. Smoke smoke So he's like pulling your mass down and keep in mind. This guy's been cutting my hair for two years now. Great guy. And i take my small coffees on my left side and go to pull my mask off jack. I hit him right in the nuts. I hit have right in the nuts and if fast enough to where it wasn't awkward it was so awkward. It was so awkward. I kinda. I did it because i brought my hand dug and god that nervous laugh like that and he was just like he kinda giggled under bret to like. Nah it's all good man and it was probably he went to go. That's the end of that right. You see this cut. I can't leave that guy. But he was like then he was doing my hair. And i didn't say anything for like twenty five seconds and i like hugh make conversation with who's ever cutting your hair but for me. It's like a every two minutes. I'll chime in with something. Maybe so i was thinking for like a minute and a half. Like i got to say something i got to say something and got to say something and then i was just like so. Is this for the day for you or you got more people coming in after me. And then he just like answered the question. We moved on. But i totally hit my barber in the notes today at stuff as long as you didn't like it wasn't an upswing and then your hand got caught there like it sounds like it was a gray's more than like the most awkward if you were swinging up and then it was like you're stuck to his lower area. I like my hand. i was this. Yeah okay. so you actually swiped and it was like polls doodles dad. What was the tip. No pun intended. How much was this tip. You didn't give him a big tip after that we'll keep that private. I gave them a tip every time. Wow i would up to but then if you give them the same every time maybe a bigger tip like that. he's taking saying anyway. is a bigger tip fingertip. He's like wait. It's this guy like into that kind of stuff. Tv should have just been like just wanted to like chest. See mangone bench after this three fifty active now being the big man isn't cool anymore to each act okay. What's on my mind. I know it's. It's never that. But i posted my spotify. Wrap my story deaths my top five songs number one do alita. Don't start now years or chess. Awesome number two. Some drake future number three though a lot of negative feedback. I got dance monkey by. I don't even know that ends it cut in the song at this part because who's ever making fun of you for having that as your top three first off all right show yours. Check rock bed. Put up or shut up. Don't come at melissa. I'm

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