California governor introduces new stay-at-home order amid Covid-19 surge


Gavin Newsom announced today he will impose a new stay at home order for areas where I see you. Capacity falls below 15% Newsome announced the new plans amid a surge of new coronavirus cases. New order divides the state into five regions. Newsome said. None of the region's currently meet the threshold for the new rules. When they do, the state will order them to clothes, hair salons and barber shops limit retail stores to 20% capacity. And only allow restaurants to offer take out and delivery. Marin County, which had been in less restrictive red tear in the states, reopening blueprint had already chosen to close down indoor dining. In public health officer Dr Mark Matt Willis. We know that that's a setting that is particularly risky. We wouldn't have needed to do that. As a Zaretsky Air County. We are still allowed to have indoor dining open. I'm from the local public counselor, at standpoint made that decision. Newsome said. For the state's five regions, excluding the Bay Area, are expected to meet the threshold for shut down for the new restrictions. Within a day or two.

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