Jeff calling from Staten Island. Welcome the WBC. Jeff.


One is more hard core and supported Donald Trump here at W. A. B. C, then Bernard McGurk. He's been very consistent when he was citizen Trump, and they're not through all four years of his presidency he thinks the president should attend should be in attendance when Joe Biden sworn in as the next president of the United States. Let's go to frescoes calling from New Jersey. Welcome to WBC fresco in operation for I wouldn't go. That's the previous caller because, according on the reverb, Jennifer grabbed above all demons. If you're going to explain it, he's got bones. He shot the rules. He's knuckle draggers. When they come on the airwaves, they got to turn the reverb off. You know, it's like it's like catching a rebound right in your head. Anyway, Let's go to Jeff calling from Staten Island. Welcome the WBC. Jeff. Yeah. Hey, how you doing? Listen, I wish I could make it to that rally round. We're try my artist. I don't live too far from there, but I was thinking I want to know what your opinion is. Maybe President Trump should run for Chuck Schumer's sanity first. Knock him out, then go for the presidency in 2024. Hmm. All right. Well, remember, he had a good shot here in New York and a long well, he was in New York. Er, remember, he's changed his

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