Salesforce to buy Slack in $27.7 billion deal


Speaking of acquisitions slack salesforce big deal. Twenty seven and a half billion dollars as forces gonna pay a half stock half cash deal stewart butterfield. Another big payday. He sold flickered because at yahoo. I guess it was yahoo. Soulful who for forty mil for forty mil and and some of the investors were unhappy with that. That was to the that he sold too soon. Yeah but he said He and katerina fake where they were married. Said it was a life changing amount of money. It was gonna have one chance in life to get that much money. Well he got a second chance. You know what's what's right you know. It's a life changing amount of money. Twenty seven and a half billion dollars. That's safe life changing the cap tables on these stories. You have some idea of of who's making one out of this. Well yeah they don't wanna tell people that nobody wants to look. Oh slacks public. They've got a cap table. That'll be in their proxy state. In there i don't fifteen. What is it What does that. Sec filing every year you when the

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