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Israel releases a backlog of over one point two billion dollars in tax revenue to the palestinian authority tens of thousands of farmers in india march on the capital in a rage. A bank is put under siege and rated in brazil and a woman is arrested in sweden for locking her child up for twenty eight years. This is the world at large him. We har- politics one thousand antoine. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone into keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support us by leaving review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this. Episode of our podcast. Hello and welcome to another episode of the world at large and before. I have josh here to tell me about israel and palestine. I would like to get my biggest thanks to jorgi pori one two three four. Leaving our view on our podcast. It was very kind very constructive mentioned our audio and yes you're working to improve our audio so we appreciate you guys telling us what you want to see how we can make this better. And i'm really excited to see that. We're building a community here but without further ado josh israel palestine yes the heck is going on. I will certainly get into that. But before i do georgy porgy also talked about ian shoulder so thank you for that because it does have the most beautiful shoulders i forgot. Thank you georgy porgy. That was the best part of your review. Highlight of the review. All right so anyways. Let's get into israel palestine because as per usual there seems to be a little bit of an issue going but this seems like more of a light issue right. Something's actually going well. So what exactly is happening well a backlog of a backlog of one point two billion dollars in tax revenue has been transferred to the palestinian authority in the west bank and so this was confirmed by both the palestinian government as well as the ministry of finance. And so what is a backlog will a backlog has just It's like a build up of sorts So you're supposed to pay the money l. this this time but you don't pay it so it piles up in paul's pals and so of israel is does the palestinian authority money every month on a monthly basis in so the it went like seven months without paying the palestinian authority. The money in so there was a backlog at it built up and built up and built up in they. Finally israel finally paid the money So why does it take this long. Well usually the palestinian authority will receive about one hundred and ninety million dollars every month from israel but all this was suspended in june when the palestinian authority cut off ties in cooperation with israel under the threats of Benjamin benjamin prime minister benjamin netanyahu to extend the israeli sovereignty as he likes to say or as the palestinian authority says inex- parts of the west bank. So benjamin netanyahu threatened to do that Obviously the prime minister he has the ability to say that and the palestinian authority looked at this as an annexation. They said well this is. Our land is our rightful land. Historically this is our land Air support been here And so let's not a case with a lot of the jewish people but them there's also the fact that in order to reach solution. You need the west bank to go completely to palestine so there's debate going on there anyway but nevertheless the likud the Benjamin netanyahu's party has threatened threatened to do that The extent israeli sovereignty and the palestinians jordan lifted very much. They said well no. That's not land in so israel said until they cut off ties with israel Said we're done cooperating with these israelis they don't wanna they don't wanna listen to us. Fine and exit exit. There's nothing i can do about it except cut off ties with you. We're done cooperating with securitise and so israel said all right. That's fine so let's proceed with this annotation as per normal but then in august august came around and the united arab emirates said. You know what we're going to recognize. The state of israel is legitimate. No way in so israel said all right. But you can't just do that. I mean your member of the arab world remember if the arab league this would be huge. You can't get away with that. You need a reason to do that. In the united armored said well yeah you're threatening to extend israeli sovereignty over the west bank. So how'd you just say you're not going to do that. And then i will be happy to recognize you of gives me excuse. I need and the reason to recognize state so israel says all right. That's fine. I will stop i will make an unofficial that of annexing. The west bank continue to control the parts of it were officially an exit. Said all right good for me good for me and they were gonna has a state of israel and so obviously that spiraled into training sudan recognizing israel but anyways. That's what you saw. And so this kind of anger. The palestinian authority also angered allied to members of the arab league it also angered iran and so in turkey which turkey also recognizes israel. So quite weird. But i like what other people. Maybe he's jealous. Don't just jealous man. Yes so israel finally paid this backlog of money because the palestinian authority agreed to well fine well now that now that binds coming into power and biden is going to be a little bit more lenient with the palestinian cause. Because as you know the person trump has been very very pro israel definitely most pro israel president in the history of the united states. And so this kind of terrifies the palestinian authority a little bit so with biden coming into power bear little bit more open with less with less pro israel president coming into power. They're a little bit more open to doing cooperating. Once again with israel securitise and especially with israel not annexing the west bank anymore In so israel said all right you going to cooperate with us again. Palestine here gonna get all that money we've been saving up for you. One hundred ninety million dollars a month for about seven months all going to you now. Congratulations and so why. Why does israel. What is this money first of all well. This money is tax revenue from the west bank by according to a deal made in the nineteen nineties. Israel controls are they take control of the tax revenue coming in from the west bank in palestine as well as the mainland israel. And so this is the deal was made in. Essentially they collect the tax revenue in. Just give it to the palestinian authority and this makes up about fifty percent of the as revenue on a month on a monthly basis in so the palestinian authority's been struggling lot economically as Are most countries in this world at this time with the coronavirus in so they.

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