AMD is hitting it BIG with NAVI

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Week we're going to be talking about where I'm going to be talking about. I'm the only one here is cyberpunk 2077 Ubisoft hyperx MSI ever media's new webcam have got those new virtual webcam. Basically through an app will get into that home video course are as well or course, you know got those going to be the same thing. And then the biggest thing would be talking about is the big navvy announcement to actually happen this week and looks very interesting in the GPU market right now, but let's get on with the show. So first off we have that no man's sky is actually going to have next gen performance on everything off. Means PC Xbox series ex and the PS5 as well. So you're going to get that type of experience as which is based going to be 4K in time frames per second obviously in PC if you can unlock the frame rates, you can actually do it for more but right now graphics cards are getting there where it can actually do quite a bit of frame rates per second in 4k, but not quite yet. I think a few Generations will be able to see like the probability or at least Uncapped or way over a hundred frames per second in 4k in video games, but it's going to be a few generations for that one as well as technology gets better. The graphic Fidelity gets back plus with different types of features helping with that process. It just makes it for an all better experience in gaming in general. So look out for that and annulments guys. I actually do recommend. No man skies. I think it's actually really great right now. I think what they've done over the three or four years of since it's been out his make a really great game, even though when it came out it was not that good. But now it's actually really really good. So look out for it now moving on to Ubisoft and the rebranding of the digital distribution site plus their subscription is being rebranded as well. It's going to be we saw connect and it will be soft plus so they're basically getting rid of any type of creative title for just an ordinary title in general. Now the subscription service will be on stadia and Amazon's Luma which is basically their version of cloud gaming because cloud gaming is going to be the biggest thing moving forward right now. We have Xbox we have Amazon coming out soon. We have study we have In with the Geo Force now just to name a few it's going to be interesting. I think Google's going to lose this battle, but they sure are going to try to not lose this battle whatsoever. But they're just not really a gaming company don't really understand that much about it in general but it's interesting to see where it's going in the next five to ten years. Now speaking of free games. There's a few free games. You need to look out for first of all, the epic game store does have the Blair Witch Project Free or Blair Witch as it is the Blair Witch video game. It's free until November 5th 8 a.m. Plus Ghostbusters the video game remastered same time. It's going to be available until it's free, which is November 5th at 8 a.m. So go pick it up if you may well want some free games. Might as well just pick it up anyways, but speaking of free games. There's also the elite dangerous Horizon is free for all players. So if you have the dog, Game go pick it up for free. It's a nice addition where you can actually land on planets. Now. The new edition is coming out where you can get out of your spaceship and that should be interesting as well because it's actually I'm eventually going to be competing with Star Citizen and Star Citizen isn't even out yet, which is another interesting tidbit to know that star system is still in development and will be in development hell for a very long time until they feel it's right to release it whenever that actually is but should be interesting to see when they actually released it if they're going to release it or if they're just going to have them we're basically as it is right now the movie on to cyberpunk 2077. It seems like it's actually going to be released in 2077, which is a very long time for me to preorder a game. But anyways Jokes Aside has been delayed again until December. So Twenty One days later than the 3rd delayed release date even though it's gone gold. They're still trying to basically make it work on the consoles CD project project read said that it's ready for PC, but it's not ready for the consoles which is kind of funny to actually see because it's like well if it's ready for PC, then let the PC players play it I mean we don't care about consoles don't want to play this game on consoles. I want to play this game on PC because I prefer to play on PC in

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