McRib fans rejoice: McDonald's is bringing back the popular sandwich nationwide


It's been a long one, hardly fought by fans of the polarizing sandwich, and now they're seeing the results. McDonald's finally bringing back the mcrib back to menus across the U. S. After demands from desperate super fans of the sandwich. If there is a desperate superfan of the sandwich out there right now, I really want to hear from you. Or does somebody is like I mean, anybody who's driving around right now are just sitting at home. Chilling out like some people that are texting in and joined the weed conversation. I is anybody sitting at home just pumping the fist, right? Oh, my God! Sweet. I am going to head out to my local Mickey D's. And I'm going to crush a mcrib. Like for you know, I don't go to McDonald's very often. I just had my physical I'm As I mentioned earlier getting close to 50. I got a limit my fast food here trying to live a long, healthy life. Very interesting moment. By the way at the physical yesterday, Doc saying I look up to deeper for the docks like you know you got we're going for the full inspection here. And you know all of it and and he looks at me. He's like I'm like, Uh huh. I got it, and he's like he's like, Look, I don't like it either. I'm like I know, Doc. I know it's not your favorite thing. I get it. I get it, but it's It's that's like a weird moment in time right now. I don't like it either. I know. I know I wouldn't want to be you either doing that all day long with different dudes coming in there and you got to do the quote unquote full inspection. But my point is that you know I can't eat. I can't eat. Fast food a lot, So I'm going to go to McDonald's. It's It's a It's a big day. I mean, huge day. And my standard order is that you give me the two cheeseburger. Give me a nice crispy fry. Let me get a hot fudge sundae and let's live the dream thrown in. Throw in a nice Delicious Coca Cola and we're having. I mean, we're having a day. But the MC rib Which is by the date, if you want to know is December the second. This is according to leaked documents. Published at a website called the MC Rib Gate. There was there was there was a man, this is incredible. We gotto I mean, there's a the MC rib gate. Really, That's and I mean, this is this is big. This is exciting. I am. I am I am very much on edge here with Mcrib Gate. But Man. He's barely a rib. You know, it's not really rivets kind of congealed rib meat. I don't know what it is. I have no idea what I'm not sure McDonald's knows what it is that they, but they figured out quote. I can't believe it's happening, says Matt, who runs make rib gate. And asked to use on Lee his first name. This is unbelievable. Mick Ribas here comes from McDonald's.

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