AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Posts Benchmark Result in Passmark


Top story and be Verizon 5 5600 ex-post Benchmark results in PassMark, 10% above all in Sol processors the new processor had impressive performance in the past or single thread Benchmark. It was forty-seven percent faster than its predecessor has be all Intel chips. The processor has a base clock of 3.5 gigahertz and boosts up to 4.6 gigahertz and retails for $299. The score was 3945 points the previous processors the ryzen 5 2600x off scored twenty-six hundred seventy-seven points and the rise in five thirty six hundred XT score 2832 points. We've yet to see benchmarks from the new Rising seven fifty-eight hundred ex or Thursday nine fifty nine hundred XT or two fifty nine fifty ex, but they will of course have significantly better scores than what the 5600 access May is so far. We've got good news on the GPU front to which will discuss dead. In the gaming news. Yeah, this processor Benchmark. It's really exciting stuff because AMD they had the plague catch up with Intel for some time past few years with the rise and launchers have been really good. Okay before Rising came out AMD was kind of lagging behind for years on the CPU front. Unfortunately and the past few years have come out was rising and they've come out with some amazing stuff. They were still a little behind until as far as performance goes, but they were definitely catching up and now it looks like at least it's single thread performance here on the new CPUs are coming out. Yeah, they're exceeding until they're even exceeded their own stuff. But beyond what I would have thought you know, now what are these stores based off of exactly their benchmark scores? This is the single threaded Performance Off. It's kind of hard to explain to someone who might not be quite as tech-savvy. Okay, but it's just a way that process is certain renderings or whatnot. Like what's the scale? Like, what's the highest she that I don't think there is a highest you just get more and more and more points God's it. Yeah, that's like it's like the Dave Meltzer scoring system. I guess except has a supposed to be five stars and several wrestlers have broken the Yankees, but I like I think you've reviewed like in a store match couple years ago something like that. All right. Well, let's start a wrestling podcast some time and as much as we're talking about wrestling cuz this is a ticket. I don't know if you're free time, right? That's all right, ma'am. But yeah, so I'm really excited about these rides and see if he is a competition is definitely a good thing and it's great to see AMD really competing with Intel on Thursday. They're competing with Nvidia 2 and we're going to get into that in the gaming news. That's really excited stuff too. Now. Do you think these new processes will give them an advantage as far as like encryption is concerned with encryption. I really don't know but I know we do have a a little vulnerability with the Intel CPUs. I want you tell us about that sure researchers extract a secret key used to encrypt until CPU code a secret key that encrypts updates to a number of Intel CPUs has been extracted bowing third parties to decrypt the microcode updates until provides to fix security vulnerabilities and other bugs. It's possible to update Intel chips with off the microcode using the secret key. There's no way to effectively eliminate the vulnerability but until has said the issue is not serious for customers wage. As an attacker would require physical access to the machine

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