1 Dead, 2 Injured In Small Plane Crash In Queens, New York


One person is dead to more badly hurt after the crash of a small plane in Queens this afternoon. Tintin with reporter Carol D'Auria is at the scene in White stone covering the story for us tonight. Let's go to her live now for the latest Carol Donna, this was a small seaplane. It crashed into a concrete pier and a beach club in Whitestone. The waterway, of course, is the Long Island Sound Fire Commission, Daniel Negro said the plane hit the water twice. And then he crashed into the pier, and then it mounted the pier. It jumped up. A female passenger was killed. The pilot and a male passenger are in very critical condition and we rushed to a local hospital. Mission. I grow so the pilot knows the area. Well, because he lives here. He lives just about four houses away from the scene of the crash. In fact, his waterfront property has a hanger for a seaplane. So he just flies in and out very regularly. People in the area, so no. Yeah, they know him. A good Samaritan who was on a jet ski was able to help out at the scene. The plane when it collapsed when it crashed into the period collapse and just broke up into pieces, But nobody was actually hit by the plane itself. What caused the pilot to crash is completely unknown. And at this point we have don't have the name of the pilot. Or the woman who passed away in this

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