Episode 148 - Margaret Thomson

Cleared Hot


To you by Duke. Cannon. Which? Is One of my favorite brands. Fall is here. And if you are a beer lover. That means that likely your favorite event? Which is October Fest Is just around the corner. Problem being you're probably not gonNA board a plane and head to Bavaria Year which I've never been to but I've heard it's unbelievable. But it gives you an opportunity to start a new beer tradition with do cannons October fresh. You see what they did there. It's pretty Sassy actually. October fresh is the beer fest located entirely in your personal shower. You can celebrate beer. And also get. Incredibly squeaky clean with the huge ten ounce. Big Ass bars of soap. The come in the do cannon beer and Bourbon box, they are in actually infused with booze. And with a touch of sent from. Cedar Wood Sandalwood Citrus and Oak Barrel. They will make you smell like an Alpine forest. which is probably better. Than what you would smell like at the end of the night in a Bavarian beer garden. If Foreign Beers are not your thing that is okay to cannon has what would be considered a decidedly domestic offering of the bud box which is. Great American beard necessities, including Beerbaum to soften beard to nourish and beard wash to rinse and repeat. Do Cannon Zamira can made products are as functional as they are fun. As I mentioned the beer in Bourbon box, which is twenty five dollars, which is going to include four separate big aspects of soap in starbucks. You're. GonNa get one, which is made with old woman a Milwaukee. deschutes fresh squeezed EPA big. American. Bourbon and great American beer I also mentioned the bud beard box that's a forty five dollar box and includes three separate products for any bearded fellow who wants to appreciate. Beer. You're going to get the great American beer bomb. The great American Beard Oil and the Great American beer soap. So you have your choices if you have the top game, the bottom game and everything in between. I Can't say enough good things about these big aspects of soap I have them in both of my showers and you know there's two things I really like about him one they smell awesome but to. They last insane amount of time. If you WANNA, check them out for yourself which I recommend and keep in mind that the holidays also known as

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