Houston Rockets coach Silas unsure when Harden will report to camp


Talk about james harden for a second and then we can get into kind of bigger picture. Nba discussion okay. So for those. That don't know. James harden as we all know does not want to be in houston anymore so he was supposed to show up to training camp and he didn't and he he we were told by his head coach stephen silas that he didn't show up but he had a reason and we'll figure it out and he'll be here for an individual workout. Well he didn't show up to the individual workout but then the internet found him and you know where they found him. Boom boom boom at draze in las vegas. So there's that there are a couple of reports out there including one by run nadkarni from sports illustrated who does a good job covering the nba for them says a person familiar with james harden's thinking described the rockets cultures toxic and called them the quote knicks of the south. And look. that's fine that that could be entirely the case. L z. i don't. But i don't believe that that's the case might be his perception of it. It's not the knicks. It isn't but here's what i would say if james harden wants out that's fine but you know you gotta be a pro at some point

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