Yes, it's another monolith. And this time it's in Britain


Earlier today, a monolith appeared in Britain. Those keeping track. Add another one to the scoreboard to the scorebook. Another monolith has been spotted this time in the Isle of Wight said he pronounced it the Isle of Wight off England's south coast. Mm. The most recent ethereal offering was spotted in Compton Beach on the southwest corner of the Isle of Wight yesterday afternoon. Local resident Lee Peckham said. My wife and I were walking our dog on our favorite beach and saw the model if we hadn't heard about it at all, But clearly others had is there were lots of people coming down. So look at it. But just like with the other mysterious structures, residents aren't quite sure where it came from. I don't know how it got there. I'm not sure the locals have any good theories, either. It's just more quizzical amusement. A spokesman for the National Trust, which owns the section of the beach where the monolith showed up, told the CNN organization did not know who put it up.

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