Letting Go and Letting Be

Tara Brach


This is a good time to make any adjustments you'd like to how you're sitting. Nick. Sure you're comfortable. and. Ideally. Sitting in a way where you`re Upright enough to be awake to be. Alert. But also at ease. You might close your eyes and deepen the settling. Not Closure is lower your a show the attention can go in work. Become aware of your body sitting here. Aware of the movement of the breath. You might send the possibility of relaxing with the brass. So that as the breath comes in, there's a kind of opening to receive it. This if even on a cellular level and the space between the cells, the breath can enter the received. With the outbreak Rafael letting go. With each out breath. Sense that you can release unnecessary tension or tightness in the body. And with the out breath, you might send you can release. Unnecessary Thoughts that have been moving through. Create clearing. And to deepen that presence in ease, you might scammed through the body. Often start in the area of the brow because when our is our tents. It actually keeps US thinking. She might consciously soften they area around the eyes. That the browbeat. Smooth. Feeling the mouth unhinging the jaw letting there be a slight smile at the lips. Letting go through the shoulders. Sensing the shoulders falling away from the neck. And then feeling them from the inside out. Imagining the dissolving the melting. Of Ice to, water. And what are to? Gas. Letting go of any clenching. Letting and letting be of the life. Cheer. Let the hand Rashed in a very easy effortless way. MIGHT SOFTEN THE HANDS And soften. Again. Then fueling the hands from the inside out. Notice the life. That's here. Can you to tack the? Tingling, vibrating. The energy in the hands He might sense an openness to the chest. Feeling the region of the heart. Let the breath gently enter. Received and leave. The. Movement. Of the chest expanding sat on. The breath comes in. Helping contact or connect with the feelings. Sensations in the area of the heart. The out breath. Releasing, letting, go whatever. Wants to be released. So, your breath becomes support in both connecting with the life. That's year. As you breathe them. And releasing unnecessary tightness or tension with the out breath. Scanning down feeling the abdominal area and letting this next breath be received miss softening Delhi.

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