Have to go to a football game as televised your team lose.


That's crazy, because even as a as a football player, I'll be like man. How much How much that making it down to the field? Tio now that it's airborne? Yeah, I don't know what the airborne is on, right? You say you definitely would go even if they got to 65,000 people. She's most definitely like, I think, like, you know, people like to still go out and protest. There's a lot of people with these protests. They're they're pretty close. You know, everybody's Corona virus. People have been going to church in the pandemic and everything I think is like pretty young of a healthy immune system. No, no underlying conditions. Not really already. And we've we've seen people that protest that got it. You know what I'm saying? We've seen people at churches that got it. We've seen even reverence has passed away. I mean, I guess you're saying I mean, I guess if you're gonna play Russian from it, I just don't want to be uncomfortable. You know, I don't think I want to be quarantined for 14 days. And you have to go to a football game as televised your team lose. Yeah, you know, but but Ryan were a man. We say Hello. What's on your mind? Ryan, say 65. 5000 people in attendance. He would still go to the football game. And I would tell you if it was attendance of two

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