Bob Uecker's memories of Johnny Carson


Conan o'brien is ending his late night. Talk show career. After what six years later. Yes that is correct. He put it out in a tweet. So create if he said in nineteen ninety-three johnny carson gave me the best advice of my career as soon as possible. Get to a streaming platform thrilled that i continue doing. Whatever the hell it is. I do on hbo. Max and i look forward to a free subscription. He will have some type of sketch comedy show on. Hbo max but his late night tv talk show hosting duties will be done in twenty twenty. Conan is brilliant. And we talk more about this. With matt miller to me conan really opened my eyes big time about the tv business and just pretty much anything in show business. That being good is not necessarily the end all be all because when he got the job for the tonight show. After jay leno retired yet he lasted one year then. They bounced him not because he wasn't the same funny creative subversive self. He was in the later time slot. It's just the average. American dummy the ethel and the jerry that live in the you know fly country which we are no offense to us and jerry care. They didn't they didn't care care for his style humor. They wanted something more bland. They wanted more comedic or or or they want right. They want jay leno. jay leno was safe. Jalen was familiar at so he got such a raw deal. But dammit conan is funny as hell kudos to you my friend

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