Bill Gates says U.S. failure to contain coronavirus 'mind-blowing'


Co founder Bill Gates says it's quote, mind blowing that the United States hasn't Dunmore to slow the spread of the Corona virus. Speaking at the Bloomberg New Economy form the co founder of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. Did highlight some progress being made on covert 19 vaccines. The on Lee thing they've done well is they funded more R and D not just for US based companies, but for companies around the world, including a lot of these European constructs. And you know that was a good thing that was Ah, favorite to the world. The rest of it. The U. S is sort of the back of the pack The diagnostic work. We did the messaging. Even today, the messaging is reaching a new level of incoherence. Mr. Gates added. It's too soon to say whether Kobe 19 will be fully eliminated.

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